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'The Bachelorette 2022': Fans fear its too early for Rachel to develop feelings for Tino

'Am I the only one who doesn’t trust Tino?' a fan wrote, seeing Rachel fall in love with Tino on their Paris date
Rachel and Tino in 'The Bachelorette 2022' (ABC)
Rachel and Tino in 'The Bachelorette 2022' (ABC)

Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey set sail for Paris in 'The Bachelorette' Season 19 Episode 4. The previous episode featured the women giving their roses to the guys so they may begin their own journeys. Therefore, Tino and Rachel have a one-on-one date this week to reignite their connection from week one.

This season sees the guys getting to know the leading ladies while cruising around Europe, with Paris serving as the first destination. Tino Franco, on the other hand, has been interested in Rachel since the beginning. Tino and Rachel went on their first solo date across the water in Paris, France, which added to the romantic ambiance of their adventure. However, fans believe it is too early for Rachel in the show to be so charmed by him.


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Rachel and Tino in 'The Bachelorette 2022' (ABC)
Rachel and Tino in 'The Bachelorette 2022' (ABC)

They began out very typical, strolling around Paris, drinking red wine, and making crepes at a lovely bistro. Rachel described it as a "fairy tale." Tino was a gentleman, allowing himself to be soaked in the rain while Rachel remained dry under the umbrella. Rachel had been voicing her reservations about really committing to the process for most of the season, but it looked that traveling across Paris with Tino was just what she needed. She had the opportunity to express her worries during the duo's dinner date. Tino was highly supportive of Rachel's rejection fears, trying everything he could to persuade her that he was there to develop something with her.

Rachel went on to discuss her prior boyfriend in relation to her work as a pilot, and how, in the past, some of her exes had not been excessively accommodating to her hectic schedule. “Your passion for your career, it lights me up inside,” Tino stated, putting some of Rachel's worries to rest. And, on the subject of family, Tino repeated his desire for a family, much to Rachel's joy. “I think I needed today, to get back on track and truly feel like this is working for me,” she remarked before they both admitted to being afraid of how much they liked each other. “I wouldn’t keep accepting roses from you if I weren’t willing to go to war for it, or if I didn’t see that potential,” he explained. “I do think I was meant to find this girl, and make her happy forever.” Their evening ended with the couple kissing while the Eiffel Tower sparkled in the backdrop. “I think I’m definitely going to fall in love with Tino,” Rachel said before the scene finished.

However, fans feel it is too early for Rachel to be feeling the way she feels for Tino. A fan wrote how they don't trust Tino: "There's just something about Tino that rubs me the wrong way and I can't put my finger on it. #TheBachelorette #thebachelorettes."


Another fan tweeted: "I really can’t decide how I feel about Tino #TheBachelorette #thebachelorettes."


One tweet read: "Rachel is taking Tino to the church already? #TheBachelorettes."


Calling Tino unaesthetic a fan wrote: "Tino has the most expressionless face I’ve ever seen. Like he constantly look’s unenthusiastic #TheBachelorette ."


Another fan talked about how awkward it was to watch them makeout inside a church: "Tino and Rachel gonna make out in God’s house. Chillins Jesus is watching!! #TheBachelorettes."


One fan thinks, they're setting up for another heartbreak: "They're setting up Tino for a beautiful heartbreak edit so they can attempt to have the Tyler Cameron Bachelor moment they fumbled two years ago. #TheBachelorette ."


To see if Rachel and Tino's love further blooms make sure to tune into ABC next week at 8 pm for a brand-new episode of 'The Bachelorette.'

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