'The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever': Nick Viall wanted to push Kaitlyn Bristowe in pool after rejection

Viall and Bristowe's break up in Season 11 was one of the most heartbreaking ever

                            'The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever': Nick Viall wanted to push Kaitlyn Bristowe in pool after rejection
Kaitlyn and Nick Viall (ABC)

Nick Viall was not the only one who was shocked when Kaitlyn Bristowe rejected him on Season 11 of 'The Bachelorette'. The recap of the season as part of the special 'The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever' aired tonight and audiences saw host Chris Harrison calling Viall and Bristowe's breakup as "one of the most brutal and heartbreaking breakups" he'd ever seen. Viall joined Harrison on the show via a video call to revisit how he felt at that moment when Bristowe rejected his proposal. 

"In that time she broke up with me, I remember wanting to push her in the pool," Viall said jokingly, reflecting on the breakup. He is now good friends with Bristowe and there's no love lost between them. He added that he is grateful for how things went between them. He also said he was glad she chose Shawn Booth and things worked out fine with them as they were together for three years after the season. Viall also gave a shout-out to Jason Tartick, Bristowe's current boyfriend, and called him the "hottest man ever". 

Harrison played the recap of the breakup before the video call with Viall and one of the fans on Twitter wrote, "Re-living Kaitlyn Bristowe & Nick Viall’s break up all over again on 'The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons' was just as painful as it was in 2015." 

For the uninitiated, Viall and Bristowe were very close to each other on the season. They were in touch with each other over text messages before Viall became a suitor on Bristowe's season and the former revealed to Harrison that they had bonded over 'Bachelor' things. He had also appeared on Season 10 of 'Bachelorette' as Andi Dorfman's suitor before he came to Season 11 to be Bristowe's forever after. Even though they were in constant touch over texts, they had never met in person until a couple of episodes into Season 11 where Viall turned up to an event that Bristowe was at. He asked to be one of her suitors on the show and even though she didn't agree immediately, the connection was visible. Shortly after, Viall was officially on the season and they hit it off really well and they had a lot of intimate moments on the season. They even did the deed in a closet, before the official fantasy room. However, when it came to accepting the proposal, it was Booth who she chose to honor before she rejected Viall. She maintained that she loved him and that the decision doesn't take back any of their intimate moments but her "heart lies with someone else". Viall shut her down respectfully at that moment saying that he doesn't wish to "continue to hear" how she loved him. He told Bristowe that his feelings for her were "greater than a moment". "To hear she loves me is like a joke. I am the world's biggest joke," he said while the limousine whisked him off after his rejection.

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