'The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons - Ever!': Jojo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers rewatch proposal, say it was crazy

The couple have been engaged for a long time and were about to marry on June 13 this year but Covid-19 spoiled their plans

                            'The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons - Ever!': Jojo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers rewatch proposal, say it was crazy
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'The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons - Ever!' celebrated 'Bachelorette' Jojo Fletcher's season on tonight's episode. The dreamy proposal where Jojo and Jordan Rodgers professed their love for each other was recapped on the episode and it hit people right in the feels. Audiences that were tuned in felt the emotion in Rodgers's words when he said, "I'm so unbelievably in love with you. I am going to wake up every morning and chose you over and over and over again until you tell me not to".

As the series aired, one of the fans wrote, "Now I know why everyone is obsessed with Jordan and Jojo. How freaking adorable are they?!??? Perfect. #BachelorGOAT ". Another user who tuned in to the episode wrote, "Jojo and Jordan have one of the best proposals of the Bachelor franchise. Actually, it's definitely the best one. They are SO happy, SO in love...I cry. #bachelorgoat"

After airing their romantic proposal, host Chris Harrison invited her and Rodgers to check up on what they've been up to with their lives in quarantine. Joining in on the episode from their newly purchased home in Dallas, Texas, the couple looked really happy. Harrison asked Jojo as to how it felt to rewatch the season recap on tonight's episode and to relive all those moments. Responding to the same she said, it was fun while commending the group of suitors that were a part of her season. "Honestly, I had a great group of guys," she said. Rodgers too enjoyed it thoroughly and said that this was the first time he was watching the season. Speaking about reliving the proposal, he beamingly said, "It was so cool to see that moment and it meant so much to us". 

Their relationship was perfect from their season and even now a single glance at their Instagram paints a perfect and happy picture of the couple. However, it wasn't all unicorns and roses for them and Rodgers opened up about it on the episode tonight (June 29). He said, "You get a lot of perfection on the show but that's not real life. We have gone through a lot of ups and downs. It was not easy. It's pretty crazy looking back".

The couple were about to get married earlier this month, on June 13 but with Covid-19 acting putting paid to their plans, they've moved it to 2021. However, Harrison had something special planned for the couple, a little celebratory get-together. While still on the video call, their doorbell rang and Jojo's parents walked in with a beautiful wedding cake replete with a cake topper that resembled the couple. They couldn't get a wedding but at least they got a cake.

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