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Is Rachel using age as excuse to dump Zach post fantasy suite night? 'The Bachelorette' fans see through plan

'The Bachelorette' fans believe that Rachel might be trying to push Zach away to get closer to Tino
'The Bachelorette' stars Zach Shallcross and Rachel Recchia (ABC)
'The Bachelorette' stars Zach Shallcross and Rachel Recchia (ABC)

MEXICO: Despite being only 25, Zach Shallcross had no doubt in his mind that 'The Bachelorette' star Rachel Recchia was the perfect woman for him. The California native was even ready to commit to her and settle down with her. After a smooth hometown date, Zach was looking forward to fantasy suites night to further solidify their relationship. But unfortunately, everything quickly went off the rails once the cameras stopped rolling.

After a romantic date, Rachel invited Zach into the fantasy suite. The couple reportedly spent the night talking and discussing their lives. While both Rachel and Zach looked happy the next morning, Zach revealed some shocking details from their previous night together. The tech executive claimed that Rachel kept questioning him if he was really ready for marriage and commitment. She reportedly kept bringing up his age and felt that he was too young for a serious relationship. After hearing Rachel question his intentions and trying to use his age against him, Zach began having second thoughts about his future with her. He even pointed out how it felt like she was pushing him away.


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Rachel and Zach walking out after their fantasy suite night date (The Bachelorette/ ABC)
Rachel and Zach walking out after their fantasy suite night date (The Bachelorette/ ABC)

Later, Zach sat down with host Jesse Palmer and narrated how Rachel used his age to build an argument about him not being ready for commitment. Zach decided to have a serious conversation with Rachel about it, and pulled her aside ahead of the rose ceremony. While we'll have to wait until the next episode to see him confront the 'Bachelorette' starlet, in the meanwhile, fans began speculating about Rachel's bizarre behavior.

Many fans came up with the wild theory that Rachel was trying to sabotage her relationship with Zach since both of them were born in the same year. A fan tweeted, "So Rachel is worried if Zach is too young…? A man who is just a few months younger than her… #thebachelorette." "Rachel’s birthday: March 8, 1996 Zach’s birthday: July 31, 1996 and she’s questioning if he’s too young to be serious about an engagement?????? #TheBachelorette," wrote a fan. "According to Bachelorette fandom… Rachel was born on 03/08/1996. Zach was born 07/31/1996 THEY ARE FOUR MONTHS APART AND SHE TRIED TO TELL HIM HE WASN’T READY FOR AN ENGAGEMENT?! THEY WERE BORN THE SAME YEAR. #thebachelorette," seconded a fan. "Zach deserves better than this gaslighting by Rachel. His age is one of the issues??? Maybe let him know that before he falls for you? #thebachelorette," commented a fan. "Seems like Rachel was justifying not picking Zach to him during their overnight. She may have pulled out all the stops on the “it’s not you, it’s me” excuses. #thebachelorette #bachelorette #TheBacheloretteabc," added a fan.






Tino in 'The Bachelorette' 2022 (ABC)
Tino on 'The Bachelorette' 2022 (ABC)

Some fans began speculating if Rachel was trying to push Zach away to get closer to Tino. A fan shared, "And now - zach is spitting straight facts about his time w rachel! she is acting fake w him bc she loves tino , he’s 100% right . follow your gut . i have a lot of respect for him now #TheBachelorette." "I’m just already sad because I feel like Rachel is too into Tino and is going to send Zach home and that’s the dumbest thing she could ever do. And Tino is a complete red flag. RACHEL. He sucks. #thebachelorette," echoed a fan. "Rachel 100% was looking for a reason to dump Zach omfg #thebachelorette," declared a fan. "This may be a leap… but it sounds like Rachel is trying to push Zach to leave on his own so she doesn’t have to reject him?? Zach is so clearly ready for the commitment to her. #thebachelorette  #bachelorette," observed a fan. 





'The Bachelorette' Season 19 airs every Tuesday at 8/7c on ABC.

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