Who is Serene Russell? 'The Bachelor' entrant has cat named Leonardo DiCATprio

Who is Serene Russell? 'The Bachelor' entrant has cat named Leonardo DiCATprio
Serene Russell (Instagram/@serenebrookrussell)

Spoilers for 'The Bachelor' Season 26

Season 26 of ‘The Bachelor’ is set to make its way on ABC and fans are gearing up for another edition filled with a lot of drama. This time around we’ll see women battling each other to become Clayton Echard’s sweetheart. On the other hand, Echard will be testing the female contestants and will be making the hard decision of who should stay and who should leave.

Just like every season, a total of 31 ladies will be entering the show to find their true love. But, they would have to go through a lot of difficult situations and drama to win Echard’s heart. One of the contestants that would be trying to be the Bachelor’s queen is Serene Russell.


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The 26th edition will surely be filled with a lot of emotions as everyone will be trying their best to come out as the winner. So, let’s get to know a bit more about Serene.

ABC’s 'The Bachelor' stars Serene. (ABC,Ricky Middlesworth)


Who is Serene Russell? 

An Elementary School Teacher by profession, Serene Russell has all the charm to woo any man out there. She is a strong-headed individual who is passionate about making her life better. When she’s not busy teaching her kids, people can find her having fun with her close ones and plan her next adventure. Not every man can have the key to her heart, she knows her worth and what she needs to be happy in her life.

She is a huge fan of stage plays. However, she only loves musicals. So, it means she loves music and would want her guy to be interested in music as well. Also, she seems to be a big fan of actor Leonardo DiCaprio because she has a cat named “Leonardo DiCATprio”.



As far as her dream man is concerned, Serene wants to be with a man who is honest and is worthy of her commitment, and expects the same level of commitment from her partner as well. But the most important thing that her man should be ready for is a big family.

Has Serene reached the top 4 of ‘The Bachelor’?

According to Reality Steve, Serene Russell is one of the top 4 contestants on the 26th edition of ‘The Bachelor’. If this news is correct, then it means Serene has a lot of potential to be Echard’s sweetheart.

‘The Bachelor’ Season 26 will be premiering exclusively on ABC on Monday, January 4, at 8 pm EST.

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