'The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever!: Relive Ali Fedotowsky's suitors leaving the show for other women

Catch all the heartbreak Ali went through during her season in a three-hour recap episode of Season 6 of 'The Bachelorette'

                            'The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever!: Relive Ali Fedotowsky's suitors leaving the show for other women
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'The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever!' is a summer replacement for Clare Crawley's season of 'The Bachelorette'. Reportedly, she has dropped out of the season and rumors suggest it has to do with her feelings for her first impression rose recipient Dale Moss. The official statement of the network is awaited on this front and till then Bachelor Nation fans have 'The Greatest Seasons Ever' to keep them company. The next episode will be a recap of 'The Bachelorette' Season 6 starring Ali Fedotowsky. Her season was one of the most dramatic as she had not one but two men bowing out due to reasons involving other women. 

One of the highlights of Fedotowsky's season has to be the one where she became aware that she was being played by one of her suitors, Justin Rego. After the host, Chris Harrison informed her of something being amiss about Justin. He didn't divulge many details and hoped that the phone call she was about to get onto would clear all her doubts. "Me and Justin have been dating for the past two years now. He assured me that he would come back and we would be together, and finally get our plans together to get married," said a woman named Jessica over the phone to Ali. However, a bigger blow came next as she revealed that there was also a third woman Justin was involved with. "A couple days after he left, I found out he had a girlfriend for the past two months. I don't know what else to say, Ali, I'm sorry," she said. Ali then made her way to the room where all the boys were assembled and tried confronting Justin about his girlfriend in Canada. Sensing that his cover has blown, Justin started to bolt out of the room with an irate Ali following him. He refused to answer any of her questions and at one point warned Ali to not touch him as she tried to stop him from escaping.  Ali kept saying, "You'll regret this, you wanna talk this out," but Justin kept walking away trying to escape the cameras and Ali. 

Another incident that broke Ali happened in Haiti and another suitor of hers, Frank Neuschaefer, who she was really close to and excited about spending time with, in the Caribbean country was responsible for it. Frank told her that he was in Chicago before arriving in Haiti. He confessed to having paid a visit to his ex-girlfriend (Nicole) because a closure was what he was seeking at that point. However, a look at her reinstated all the feelings he had for her and he apologized to Ali before bowing out of the show. 

Relive all this and also her engagement to Roberto Martinez. Their engagement was called off mutually after 18 months together. Her suitors from the season: Kasey Kahl, Justin, Frank, and Chris Lambton will also be present for virtual interviews. Ali will also be making a virtual appearance and we hope her husband Kevin Manno and their two children would also be in attendance. 

'The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever!' airs Monday nights at 8 pm ET only on ABC. 

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