'The Bachelor' fan Susan Trombetti says couples should not overshare on social media: 'Keep it private'

In an exclusive chat with MEAWW, the matchmaker shares the do-s and don't-s of a relationship

                            'The Bachelor' fan Susan Trombetti says couples should not overshare on social media: 'Keep it private'
Susan Trombetti (Presskit)

Fans of 'Bachelor Nation', it's time to rejoice as 'The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – Ever!' is about to hit screens an hour from now. If you are a fan of the show, you must be familiar with the volatile relationships between the contestants and suitors on the show. Does the name of relationship coach and celebrity matchmaker Susan Trombetti ring a bell? It will, especially if you've been a fan of 'The Bachelor' or 'The Bachelorette'. Trombetti's live-tweeting and blogging alongside the episodes have managed to get her a fan following like none other. Now, as the series returns to television with exclusive footage, interviews and behind-the-scenes cuts from some of the greatest seasons of all time, MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) exclusively spoke to Trombetti about the dos and don'ts of a relationship.

Her primary advice on the dating scene remains watching the show. She tells us, "I recommend this to all my clients because you get to see dating mistakes that you make and also how to solve it." On first date etiquette, she mentions that alcohol can help one "loosen up". However, she is quick to add that one must always keep it "sassy and classy" by sticking to a maximum of two drinks, "and two drinks only". 

Speaking about 'The Bachelor' she points out that people with an adventurous streak to them always end up as the top four contestants on the show. Trombetti recommends that people should do the same off-screen in their relationships too. "Notice how the people that get their adrenaline going wind up in the top four, like when they bungee jump. It mimics passion. So, you should always do exciting things on your dates. I always put my clients out bungee jumping so that their relationships spark. Not kidding," she says.

Trombetti is also of the opinion that couples should refrain from oversharing details of their relationship on social media. "A relationship needs to be private and between two people. Somethings are just special and you need to keep it that way," she advises. Trombetti also sees no harm in being friends with your ex, as long as the friendship is explored only after both the parties involved have healed from their separation and have set healthy boundaries. 

Looking for more dating hacks? Catch Susan Trombetti live-tweeting along with 'The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – Ever!' that premieres new episodes every Monday night, starting June 8 at 8 pm ET, only on ABC.

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