Who is Kelley Flanagan? Meet 'The Bachelor' Season 24's lead 'f**kboy' Peter Weber's ex girlfriend

Pilot Peter might be one of the most hated Bachelors the franchise has ever seen but his relationship with Kelly has managed to spark interest

                            Who is Kelley Flanagan? Meet 'The Bachelor' Season 24's lead 'f**kboy' Peter Weber's ex girlfriend
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If you watched Season 24 of 'The Bachelor' starring Peter Weber, you'd know two things. First things first, Bachelor Nation fans were united in their hate for Peter, he was just not it. There were countless hate comments on Twitter, Reddit and other social media platforms.

"Peter was not ready to be bachelor.. he’s just a f**kboy anyway," commented a fan on a Reddit thread. "He's got absolutely no depth, he's so boring, doesn't seem particularly emotionally mature, and I've seen absolutely no evidence that he's capable of having a complex thought," read a segment from a lengthy comment from a fan pointing out the various flaws in Weber. "Peter is the first bachelor I couldn’t see myself falling for EVEN in the Bachelor Bubble. I keep watching and listening to him and thinking how annoyed or over him, I’d be in the house. Usually, even if the Bachelors aren’t people I’d be attracted to in real life, I could see it if I was on the show. But I can’t picture myself being into him at all, which says a lot," read another comment.

The second thing was Kelley Flanagan's cool and composed demeanor, she was one person who didn't believe in serving up drama in order to be seen. Everyone on that season was doing the most except for Kelley who decided to just let things unravel at their own pace and also ensured that she stay out of the unwanted drama. She believed in presenting her usual, authentic self, and maybe that's what didn't work in her favor and she was eliminated. They were shooting down engagement rumours until December 31, 2020 when they announced their breakup.




Who is Kelley Flanagan outside of 'The Bachelor'?

A look at Kelley's Instagram feed might give off social media influencer vibes but the Chicago native is an attorney by profession and is very much practicing property tax law at the firm Flanagan Bilton, according to a report. She is also a traveler and shares serene memories from her various escapades around the world. She also has big love for dogs and equestrians. She can play polo, loves water adventure sports, enjoys her time in the great outdoors, just as much as she loves Peter, pictures of whom dominate her feed. 

How they got together

Peter and Madison Prewett ended up together on the show but it didn't last long because of the drama surrounding how they'd come together, we need not repeat the Hannah Ann Sluss breakup here, do we? Peter and Madison were over by March 2020. Two weeks later he and Flanagan were spotted together. He was visiting her in Chicago and he was seen "dancing a little bit" and very happy by an eyewitness who reported it to US Magazine. They also quarantined together and admitted to "crushing" on each other but maintained they were strictly friends and not dating. But the two couldn't keep their dating life a secret for long and in June did their first interview as a couple on 'The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons -- Ever!', revealing that they'd want to live in New York together when the pandemic ends for a little bit.

On Dec 23, during an Instagram Q&A, Peter confirmed that they are finally about to realize their dream of living in NYC. "Yes, we are, we are moving to New York City early January, and we are so beyond excited. Definitely lucked out that Kell was on board, and excited to share all our new adventures with you guys," he wrote. "So grateful Kell was on board with the move! I had actually made it a goal of mine when I turned 20 that I wanted to live in New York City before my 20s were up and I'm just barely crossing it off the list!' Peter added.

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