'The Amazing Race' teases episode 3 with photos of contestants dancing in the dark, singing karaoke and fishing

The new photos tweeted by 'The Amazing Race' looks promising, with lots of singing, dancing and fun competitions from the remaining nine teams

                            'The Amazing Race' teases episode 3 with photos of contestants dancing in the dark, singing karaoke and fishing

'The Amazing Race' season 31 premiered on April 17 on CBS, and as the first two episodes came to an end, teams have gone from eating chocolate sandals and scaling Mount Fuji in Japan to barbecuing fish skewers and crossing rivers on elephants in scenic Laos. With the third episode airing in a few hours, 'The Amazing Race' has dropped pictures on social media, teasing viewers with what may unravel on the next leg of the Race.



The pictures show the teams taking part in synchronized dancing, karaoke, and fishing on leg three, as the tweet mentions. Team 'Afghanimals' Leo and Jamal, who won the first two legs of the Race, look exhausted but happy slowing down after a sprint in one of the pictures. Elissa seems engrossed in singing, and Colin and Christie look like they're enjoying themselves while dancing in the dark. Bret can be seen pumping some major energy in his performance with the locals, in the first picture.

In a video that 'The Amazing Race' had posted, team Fun's Becca and Floyd seemed to be killing the detour which requires teams to dance in the dark in outfits lined with LED lights. Elissa's enthusiasm looks like it has achieved a new high with the challenge and can be heard saying: "I was made for this!" But her teammate Rachel doesn't share the enthusiasm, and she says that Elissa is the "one who keeps messing up," in the video.



With team Art and JJ eliminated at the end of episode one and 'Survivor' team Rupert and Laura eliminated on episode two, the remaining nine teams on the Race will face a completely different set of tasks in Vietnam as opposed to what they faced in Laos. The sneak peeks promise a fun episode three, and the judge of the choreographed dance routine detour does not seem to be an easy man. He can be seen saying a firm "no" repeatedly in the video, and asking teams for more "energy, power!". Even the tough Afghanimals are exhausted by this totally lit new detour — we wonder if this means a break in their winning streak.