'The Affair' season 5 will see Noah trying to woo both Janelle and Helen, setting up a possible love triangle

Season 5 will see Noah accuse Janelle of not answering his calls for months, but on the other hand, he is also busy trying to make amends with his ex wife Helen

                            'The Affair' season 5 will see Noah trying to woo both Janelle and Helen, setting up a possible love triangle

Let's be real, when it comes to 'The Affair', while the new partners of the original main characters are a disappointment most of the time, there's no denying that Noah Solloway's new girlfriend in season 4, Janelle, was one of the best characters the show has seen in a while.

The chemistry between Dominic West and Sanna Lathan proved to be one of the highlights of the season, with their respective characters, Noah and Janelle's relationship giving us newer goals with each episode, until things went downhill between the two.

Fast forward to the upcoming and final season 5 where Noah will be seen trying to make amends with his ex-wife Helen (Maura Tierney), but Janelle is set ot appear this season too. Does this mean a possible love triangle between the three?

In the trailer for season 5, Noah - following his arc of redemption in the final season of the show - wants to be a better father to his and Helen's kids, while accusing her of being in love with Claes Bang's hot movie star character, only because he is pretending to be Noah.

Helen retorts saying her new beau is quite like Noah, but only a much better version of him. And while Noah is trying to convince her that the two of them are meant to be, beyond just the confines of co-parenting, he is still trying to accuse Janelle of cutting all ties with him.

Noah (L) and Janelle (R) might become a thing once again, while he is still trying to win his ex-wife, Helen, back. (Showtime)

The trailer shows Noah and Janelle walking into a church, and later having an amicable conversation. But soon the camera pans to a scene where the two are sitting on a couch, and he complains how she hasn't returned his calls for three months.

Their relationship sparked off when Noah started teaching at the same school that Janelle was the principal at, and despite their rocky beginnings, they became a couple. Things didn't last because of recurring differences and now Noah is accusing her of shutting him down "after all they have been through", while he is trying to win back his ex-wife and the mother of his four children. 

Honestly, at this point, anybody would be rooting for Janelle to kick Noah out of her house (if that's where the conversation is taking place), and by far, the tough as nails school principal doesn't disappoint. "You know what, get a grip," Janelle remarks at Noah's sob story about how she isn't ready to let him in, aka repeat her past mistakes, basically. Her ex-husband, Carl, is also most likely to be back in the picture, thus creating a rift in the possibilities of Janelle and Noah immediately picking up where they had left off before she decided to ghost him.

Despite good times together, Janelle doesn't want to deal with Noah's sob stories anymore. (Showtime)

Why anybody finds Noah Solloway so irresistible is completely beyond most fans of the show, but by the looks of it, both the women he has tricked with his charms in the past, have finally seen the light. Yet, for all we know, they might fall for his sweet melancholy and tragic tales again, thus brewing a spicy, juicy love triangle in the final season of the Showtime drama.

What a way to go out, honestly!

'The Affair' season 5 premiers on Sunday, August 25, only on Showtime.

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