The Addams Family first image and full cast list revealed: Charlize Theron, Oscar Isaac and Allison Janey part of animated flick

The new adaptation is set to release on October 11, 2019 and will join the list of several other adaptations of the very ppopular Addams Family cartoons.

                            The Addams Family first image and full cast list revealed: Charlize Theron, Oscar Isaac and Allison Janey part of animated flick
Charlize Theron (Source : Getty Images)

The first image of The Addams Family was released a little over 24 hours ago and be assured - it is everything fans have been waiting for! The movie is coming back to the big screen again next year in the animated form that it had given it massive cult popularity and what's even better is the all-star cast that MGM has set for the movie, including actors like Academy Award-winner Charlize Theron, and Oscar Isaac!

Deadline revealed the first image of the movie which is scheduled to arrive in theatres around next October. It's a bit too long a time for waiting, but until then, the official cast list is sure to offer fans some peace. While Theron will be playing Morticia, fellow Oscar-winner Allison Janney will play the character's arch-nemesis, Margaux Needler.

Bette Midler (Hocus Pocus), Chloe Grace Moretz (Kick-Ass), Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things), and Nick Kroll (Big Mouth) have also been cast in the project as Grandmama, Wednesday, Pugsley, and Uncle Fester, respectively. As for Oscar Isaac (Star Wars: The Last Jedi), he had the best of it all as he had already been cast as Gomez ahead of the official announcement.

Conrad Vernon, who directed Sausage Party, is co-directing the flick with Greg Tiernan while Matt Lieberman is in charge of the script. This new movie will join the list of the many adaptations of the classic Addams Family Cartoons, which includes a Hanna-Barbera animated series in the '70s, two live-action feature films in the early '90s, and a recent Broadway production.

In the official statement, Vernon said: “Greg and I have always been a fan of the Addams Family in past versions, so when we set out to make this movie, we were excited to do something new. With that in mind, I drew from the brilliantly original Charles Addams New Yorker cartoons for the look of the film and decided to tell the story of how Gomez and Morticia meet, find their house and start their family. This unique approach is what drew me in to direct the film. The reimagining also extends to the stellar cast we’ve put together who will each bring their own spin to our film that will appeal to longtime fans of the Addams and introduce them to a new generation.”


Jonathan Glickman, president of MGM Motion Pictures Group also said:“Conrad and Greg are masters of animation with the keen ability to create something both kids and their parents will enjoy for different reasons. Adding to that a world-class caliber of talent with Oscar, Charlize, Chloë, Finn, Nick, Bette and Allison – we can’t wait to bring their fresh and modern take on The Addams Family to the worldwide audience.” 

This latest adaptation of the Addams Family is supposed to arrive in theatres on October 11, 2019.