'The Adam Project' Ending Explained: For Ryan Reynolds, it's about making things right

'The Adam Project' Ending Explained: For Ryan Reynolds, it's about making things right
Ryan Reynolds and Walker Scobell in a still from The Adam Project (Netflix)

Contains spoilers for 'The Adam Project'

For a time jumping Ryan Reynolds, it's all about making things right in 'The Adam Project'. If the whole purpose of the mission was to land in 2018 from 2050 to find his wife Laura (Zoe Saldana), he does his job and has some help from his 12-year-old self and his sourpuss of a dad in Louis Reed (Mark Ruffalo). At the other end, Maya Sorian comes with the lofty claim of keeping the timeline intact, but has actually broken the rules of time travel and even manages to get her younger self a bit richer by offering tips on the stock market.

Going back to the start, Reynolds' Adam is a pilot for one of her time-traveling jets and is the son of her business partner who died when Adam was still a kid. When his wife Laura disappears mysteriously, he jets back in time to save her, but ends up meeting his kid self first and then finds Laura. In a bit of a tearjerker, Sorian kills Laura hoping it would distract Adam from his mission of destroying the concept of time travel machine.


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'The Adam Project': Ending Explained

For starters, the movie has a happy ending. Considering the comic theme and the mild action tone of the movie, it was the perfect way to finish the film. The final minutes of the film see Adam blow up the time machine at the Sorian lab in 2018. This effectively erases him and his younger self in that timeline. They bid adieu to their dad, but the film then moves on to two crisp epilogues offering complete closure. In the present, a young and snarky Adam finally understands the grief his mom goes through following the death of his father and becomes more empathetic.

He gives her a heartfelt hug. In the future, 2050 to be precise, we see Adam and Laura meet in the future. And although they don't recognize each other, the charm and the flirting confirm the story that Adam tells his mini-version right at the start of the film. Safe to say, that Louis does indeed die in a road accident. It appears that director Shawn Levy had no intentions of a sequel as the movie ties up all the loose ends. For what it's worth, this one's a neat and fun watch that'll make for a good Friday flick.

'The Adam Project' is streaming on Netflix.

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