Zoe Saldana honored with star on Hollywood Walk of Fame, but it's her three adorable children that steal the show

In her emotional thank you speech, Zoe talked about having big dreams ever since she was a kid, but that was just step one on her journey

                            Zoe Saldana honored with star on Hollywood Walk of Fame, but it's her three adorable children that steal the show
Zoe Saldana (Source: Getty Images)

Zoe Saldana was honored with her very own star on the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame in a ceremony in Los Angeles on Thursday. While the gorgeous Zoe turned heads and attracted eyeballs with her sleek off-white dress, it was the rare public appearances of her three adorable sons which had the tabloids talking.

Zoe has had a glittering career in the film industry. Having made her screen debut in an episode of 'Law and Order' in 1999, the 39-year-old actress has come a long, long way. Roles in 'Center Stage' (2000) and Crossroads (2002) introduced her to the wider audience before her performances as Nyota Uhura in 'Star Trek' and Neytiri in 'Avatar' saw her garner worldwide acclaim.

She most recently reprised the role of Gamora — the green-skinned step-daughter of Titan Thanos who she portrayed in 'The Guardians of the Galaxy' movies — in the latest installment of the Avengers, 'Infinity War,' and few will oppose the Hollywood veteran of 20-odd years in receiving this latest accolade.

Besides her three sons — 3-year-old twins Bowie and Cy, and 1-year-old Zen — also accompanying her on her big occasion was her husband of five years, Marco Perego. 'Avatar' director James Cameron, as well as good friend and 'After Sex' co-star Mila Kunis were responsible for bestowing the honor upon the talented actress.

Saldana's children made a rare public appearance (Source: David Livingston/Getty Images)

Speaking on the occasion, the star spoke glowingly of her family. "You are my everything," she said, adding: "Every day you remind me to appreciate life’s journey. You keep me grounded. And you help me slow down when I need to take in a moment."

She continued: "I’m taking this moment in. But you know what makes me most excited when I wake up? The three masterpieces that we have created: Zen, Cy, and Bowie. Mama te quiere, I love you," but jokingly said that she had no plans of expanding the family further and that 'three is enough!"

She also made a post on Instagram expressing her joy and wrote: "A massive thank you to everyone who came out today and supported me at this once in a lifetime ceremony. I feel so blessed to be part of the Hollywood Walk of Fame!"

"Thank you to Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for honoring me with a star and allowing me to be part of history! May this open more doors for latinx and all other under represented community!"