After Hulu's 'The Act', Gypsy Blanchard case is the subject of Dr Phil podcast 'Analysis of Murder'

After Hulu's 'The Act', Gypsy Blanchard case is the subject of Dr Phil podcast 'Analysis of Murder'

The life of Gypsy Rose Blanchard and her contentious relationship with her mother Dee Dee Blanchard became the subject of interest for many after Hulu's 'The Act' premiered. Dee Dee's murder, which was orchestrated by her daughter and carried out by her boyfriend Nick Godejohn, and the circumstances leading to it were explored by the show, which starred Joey King (Gypsy) and Patricia Arquette (Dee Dee) in lead roles.

The popularity of the show has now resulted in TV host Dr Phil McGraw hosting a podcast that will be based on the notorious case. The anthology podcast is titled 'Analysis of Murder', and the first season will revolve around Dee Dee's murder. 

Dr Phil's plan is to explore the murder from the psychological perspective, and the issue will be explored on a much deeper level than the dramatized version of the TV show.

Speaking of the same, Dr Phil told 'CBS This Morning', "What I want to do in these podcasts is take people inside the minds of these killers so they understand how this happens. People say to me all the time, 'Dr. Phil who does this kind of thing?' When they say that to me it's not rhetorical. They really what to know who does this kind of thing and how they can spot these predators and protect themselves."


He will also delve deeper into the psyche of Dee Dee. The podcast will also be interesting because Dr Phil has already interviewed Gypsy before and she was in prison at that time. In the interview, the two mostly discussed Gypsy's mother's toxic behavior and how she had Gypsy believe for the most part of her life that she was gravely ill. 



Dr Phil pointed out that this was abuse and said, "The system had failed this young girl. Doctors discovered this and didn't follow up. CPS had been called a couple of times, didn't do anything. Just gave her back to the abuser."


He also said that exploring the case was tricky as on one hand it can be chalked up to self-defense, but on the other hand, one cannot condone vigilante justice either.

The first episode of the podcast was released on April 25 and the episode is 1 hour 5 minutes long. The episode is available on iTunes and is titled 'The Killer Thorn of Gypsy Rose'.  

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