'The Act' episode 7 sees Gypsy and Nick distracted by their relationship before getting arrested for Dee Dee's murder

'The Act' episode 7 features Gypsy going to Nick's home and facing his family for the first time to realize that all might not be well afterall.

                            'The Act' episode 7 sees Gypsy and Nick distracted by their relationship before getting arrested for Dee Dee's murder

'The Act' is just one episode away from the finale and in episode 7 that was aired on April 24, we see Gypsy Rose's (Joey King) life falling apart after the murder of her mother Dee Dee Blanchard (Patricia Arquette). The life that she assumed she would live, that of her happily ever after with her prince, has cracks everywhere and Gypsy realizes it the minute she reaches Nick's home in Wisconsin. Nick's mother arrives at the bus station to pick them up and she is not very welcoming of Gypsy. In fact, she tells Nick, "Well, I’m missing my meeting for this, but I suppose it’s better than you staying in a homeless shelter." On the other hand, Gypsy tries hard to impress both Nick's mother and father. 

A still from episode 7 of 'The Act'. (Source: Hulu)

While in the previous episode she realized that Nick was not at all how she had imagined and even had an angry outburst at the bus station, she was placated by him. This, however, gets hard when she is faced by three people who seem alien to her in the way they live. From their eating habits to not having medicines at home, she finds it all strange. When she asks for food, Nick tells her that he usually gets pizza from the place where he works, but since he didn't go in that day, they will just have to wait. She is furious at how nonchalant Nick sounds and suggests that they steal something from the supermarket, because, according to Gypsy "That money (their nest egg) is for our future. Our wedding, our home. Not pizza and donuts."

A still of Dee Dee's house after her body was found in episode 7 of 'The Act'. (Source: Hulu)

In the meanwhile, Gypsy and Nick also receive the murder weapon that they quite smartly (not!) mailed to themselves. This scene in the series symbolizes how wrong Gypsy had been about Nick. While she tells him that it is important to hide the weapon, probably throwing it in the lake would be a good idea, Nick doesn't want to do anything about it because it's time for dinner, and they are having chicken. Gypsy is frustrated about who she assumed was her prince charming. This in addition to all the questions from Nick's parents about Gypsy's mother builds up the guilt enough for her to start fighting with Nick in front of his mother. She even suggests that they could go back home and frame someone else for the murder. 


Nick does manage to placate Gypsy yet again, but not for long. The two realize that Dee Dee's dead body has not been taken care of, and Nick comes up with the plan of writing something on Dee Dee and Gypsy's shared Facebook account to alert someone. While writing a series of messages on the page, the two end up leaving the 'location tag' option switched on and so there is now a trail for the cops to follow back on, which they do. When the police are at Nick's doors, Gypsy forgets all the differences that she had with Nick over the last few days and professes that they will get married after 'all this is over'. However, when the police find them, the two are separated for questioning and Nick confesses pretty early on. 

Towards the end of the episode, one thing is clear. Gypsy and Nick's relationship was on the rocks before the cops came. While Gypsy tried hard to save herself and Nick, the latter's confession along with the murder weapon that the two did not manage to hide will sway the case against them.