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'The Acolyte' Episode 7: Fans up in arms over 'rushed' 'Star Wars' show

'The Acolyte' Episode 7 presented the events of Episode 3 from a different perspective
Fans did not appreciate Episode 7 of 'The Acolyte' (@lucasfilm)
Fans did not appreciate Episode 7 of 'The Acolyte' (@lucasfilm)

Contains spoilers for 'The Acolyte'

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: 'The Acolyte' Episode 7 aired on Disney+ on July 9, 2024. The show has received overwhelmingly negative reviews for its atrocious plot and bad execution, making 'Star Wars' fans vociferously angry about the prequel series. 

Fans got another reason to criticize the show in Episode 7 as the show presented a flashback episode showing the events of Brendok from a different perspective.

Viewers were disappointed to see an episode where events from Episode 3 were shown repetitively and the suspense behind Master Sol's (Lee Jung-Jae) past which was teased for so many episodes too did not live up to expectations. 

A few fans voiced their concerns about the show on the internet. 

Fans irked by 'The Acolyte' Episode 7 

Mae kills Osha and assumes the identity of her sister in Episode 5 of 'The Acolyte' (@lucasfilm)
A still from the series 'The Acolyte' (@lucasfilm)

Fans took to the internet to express their angst against a repetitive episode.

A Reddit user said, "This episode is like 30 minutes long but 20 minutes of it was of episode 3 but at a different camera angle." Another Reddit user added, "This show does not know how to handle flashbacks. Who wants to watch the same thing over again with a few new scenes?"

A third Reddit user called this a director's cut edition saying, "So this was basically Episode 3 with deleted scenes, director’s cut edition." Another Reddit user added, "Right? It’d have been better if they kept it through the lens of the Jedi. There was no real reason for them to reuse old scenes."

Fans have continually been critical of the dialogue in the series and Episode 7 just gave them more reason to express their frustration. A fifth Reddit user said, "I’ll admit that the dialogue has not been ideal in these episodes."

A Reddit user thinks that the episode completely killed the momentum of the series saying, "Kinda killed the overall momentum of the story for me by splitting what should’ve be the whole third ep in half basically."

Fans seem to have lost all hope from the series and with the last episode only a week away, they have no expectations from that either.

A Reddit user said, "Unless we get a full hour finale (haha yeah right), it’s going to feel rushed."

Another Reddit user thinks that the episode could have been combined with Episode 3 to make it one episode. "I have tried to enjoy this season but making the penultimate episode a flashback was a bad idea in a weekly episodic series. This should have all come out at once with longer run times. All of this should have been episode 3," they wrote.

Why short episodes could be the reason for criticism of 'The Acolyte'?

'The Acolyte' has been received with an overwhelmingly negative response (@lucasfilm)
'The Acolyte' has been received with an overwhelmingly negative response (@lucasfilm)

'The Acolyte' has suffered from short episodes and a very deep plot that has not been executed properly in that episode length. The average length of episodes has been 30-40 minutes and most episodes feel rushed. 

For the final episode, there are too many plots that remain unexplained and unless it is a longer episode, the makers will not be able to address all remaining loose ends properly.

How to stream 'The Acolyte'?

Lee Jung-jae in 'The Acolyte' (@lucasfilmltd)
Lee Jung-jae in 'The Acolyte' (@lucasfilmltd)

Episodes 1-7 of 'The Acolyte' are now available to stream on Disney+. 'The Acolyte' Episode 8, which is the final episode for this season, is expected to be released on Tuesday, July 16, 2024. The episode is directed by Hanelle Culpepper.

To watch the show, you will need a Disney+ Subscription. The basic membership plan with ads costs $7.99/month while the premium plan (with no ads) comes at $13.99/month or $139.99/year.

'The Acolyte' trailer


Episodes 1-7 of 'The Acolyte' are streaming on Disney+