'The 100' star Tasya Teles finds it strange Bellarke fans confuse her for Echo as Becho looks promising

'The 100' star Tasya Teles finds it strange Bellarke fans confuse her for Echo as Becho looks promising

The CW show 'The 100,' over the last five seasons, has managed to make us fall in love with characters who have made questionable choices and done despicable things in the name of survival. However, the biggest accomplishment of the show is probably its ability to create beautiful relationships between these characters in the middle of all the chaos and violence, and have us root for them.

Be it the mother and daughter relationship between Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Madi (Lola Flanery), or the brotherhood between Monty (Christopher Larkin) and Jasper (Devon Bostick), or the romantic relationship between Bellamy (Bob Morley) and Echo (Tasya Teles), the CW show has mastered the art of pulling at our heartstrings, and while exceptional writing is an obvious reason for this, so is the actors' honesty in their love for these characters. 

Teles, who immortalized the former Ice Nation Grounder spy on 'The 100', spoke of how she and Morley love their characters so much they actually end up ideating a lot for Bellamy and Echo over the years, in attempts to further their story.

"At the end of season 4, when Echo saves Bellamy's life - when he is choking, because he is running out of air - it was actually Bob's suggestion that Echo scrambles across the hallway and break off his mask so that he is able to actually breathe because he was dying," Teles revealed to MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), adding that it helps that the person she works with the most on the show, Morley, is also one of her best friends. 

"We have developed a lot of inside jokes... Bellamy and Echo complement each other really well in terms of leadership. I think they just understand so it's super easy," she said, adding how because they spend a lot of time outside of work together, they end up talking about the show a lot and their characters as well.


The downside, of this friendship, however, is that "when it comes to doing any love or romantic scene sometimes admittedly that can be funny... We'll laugh." However, it's just very comfortable, she promised. "The first episode [of season 6] you saw Bob and me sitting by the fire, he was in my arms and we were just enjoying being on this new planet. There was a lot of hope for these two characters, that they were going to be able to have a better life and it's just very comfortable and very easy. "

Becho has proved to be a beautiful couple, but a lot of the fans who are still hung up on Bellarke are taking out their anger on actress Tasya Teles who plays Echo on 'The 100' (Twitter)

The ongoing season, in fact, is promising to give "Becho" the opportunity to explore their relationship further and watch them go through some hard times together, which Teles finds interesting. "We didn't get to see much of that in season 5. So, showing different sides to any relationship is interesting, except just showing the same thing over and over again," she opined.


So far, this season, we have seen Echo try and be the voice of reason in Bellamy's life when he gets outraged with his sister Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos), despite her own issues with the Bloodreina. 

"Echo knows that Bellamy's relationship with his sister is hurting him and so she, despite the issues that she and Octavia have, is trying to help Bellamy get through it and that causes some problems that we will see coming up. She loves Bellamy a lot, and she is trying to be there for him the best way she knows how," explained Teles, who revealed that despite the beautiful unfolding of Becho's relationship on the show, fans who want to see Bellamy and Clarke get together have been hurtful towards her.

"There has been a lot of animosity towards me, and it's been really hard at times. Most days I am able to ignore it, but when I am having a bad day in myself it gets difficult. In a way, it has blessed me with this awesome opportunity to speak to the fandom about bullying and being able to maintain an opinion about something and not have to impose any hatred towards other people, and still have your opinion," said an optimistic Teles, who despite finding it strange that fans are confusing her with her character, revealed she is happy as long as the story makes sense. 


She told MEAWW, "I am honestly happy as long as the characters are happy and as long as the story makes sense, I am into Bellarke, I am into Becho, I am into characters finding love and living their best lives."

Season 6 episode 4 of 'The 100,' titled 'The Face Behind the Glass' airs Tuesday, May 14, at 9:00pm/8c on The CW, after which they will be added to The CW app.

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