'The 100' Season 7 Extended Trailer: Is Bellamy safe? Fans turn emotional ahead of the final season

There is quite a lot to unpack from the trailers for Season 7 and fans are already worried about a few things

                            'The 100' Season 7 Extended Trailer: Is Bellamy safe? Fans turn emotional ahead of the final season
(The CW)

The final season of 'The 100' will premiere on The CW in less than two weeks and the fans have finally been blessed with the extended trailer. The fight to survive continues, albeit for one last time and we hope that we get a semblance of a happy ending at the very least before the epic saga comes to an end.

There is certainly quite a lot to unpack from the trailers for Season 7 that have released so far. Read our analysis for the teaser trailer here and for the extended trailer here.

The release of the extended trailer also saw a lot of excitement. Fans took to social media to post their thoughts on the trailer and the season to come. One fan took to Reddit to write, "The moment I saw in this trailer the scene of the couple who could possibly be in the prequel episode, I thought 'Why a prequel. Why not a sequel? This season could set up amazing things.'"

A fan tweeted, "Guys I'm not ready for the end of The 100, I can't believe that The 100 arrived the end, IT WILL BE SO AMAZING!!!!! What a f**king trailer, I'm here Crying, laughing, Trembling, everything at the same time."

Another tweeted, "the trailer for the final season of The 100 just came out and 1) it's almost over I'm so sad 2) how are they fitting that much content is 16 episodes on its final season w so many new characters and a whole as new concept like how will it end omg 3) I still mix Clexa so much."

Bellamy and Clarke in 'The 100' (The CW)

One fan wrote, "It looks like absolutely another show actually... Like absolutely different. I don't see anything similar with season one or two. Something new., but like Indra said "with the same problem". I hope they finally will find solution to make a piece for everyone."

A viewer wrote on Reddit, "Murphy: 'HAVE WE LEARNED NOTHING?!' I love his character his arc has been so interesting. And there were like no clips with Bellamy and Clarke! I'm wondering if they are split up for a lot of the season."

In fact, many fans noticed Bellamy Blake's (Bob Morley) absence in the trailer. One fan tweeted, "Omg if Octavia and or Bellamy die in the new season of the 100, I’m rioting. There was barely any of them showed in the new season 7 trailer. I don’t care about Clarke's whining ass.when isn’t she crying and feeling sorry for herself. #The100."

Another wrote, "Guys imo they don’t put a lot of Bellamy bc it’ll spoil a lot. him not shaved would be way too much," while a fan opined, "So the CW had the audacity to put Bellamy in the thumbnail of the 100 Season 7 trailer & he was in it for a minimum of like 6 seconds, what kind of f**kery is this #the100."

Even though neither the teaser trailer nor extended trailer featured any scenes between Bellamy and Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor), 'Bellarke' fans hope they get their endgame. One fan tweeted, "The 100 last season trailer - omg I can't wait. (Bellamy and Clarke better end up together but I feel like it won’t happen)."

Follow MEA WorldWide's (MEAWW) countdown to the final season of 'The 100' for more details. The final season will premiere on May 20 on The CW at 8/7c.

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