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'The 100' Season 7 Episode 9: Sheidheda is unleashed and fans are finally excited about an 'interesting' Sanctum

With Sheidheda unleashed, there is no telling what could happen
'The 100' (The CW)
'The 100' (The CW)

Spoilers for Season 7 Episode 9 'The Flock'

For a long time, fans may have been wondering where the Sanctum storyline on 'The 100' was heading. However, in this week's episode which served as the midseason finale, Sheidheda (in Russell's body played by JR Bourne) was finally unleashed. Since everyone now knows that it is actually Sheidheda in Russell's body, we will be retiring the use of Russheda to refer to him.

After the Eligius prisoners and the Children of Gabriel led by Nikki (Alaina Huffman) and Nelson (Lee Majdoub) took most of the Faithful as hostages as they both worked towards their respective goals, Indra (Adina Porter) came storming in to save the day, just as we thought it may be the end for John Murphy (Richard Harmon) and Emori (Luisa D'Oliveira). However, not everything was alright yet. With Russell being put with the Faithful, he confessed who he really was before he slaughtered them all. Murphy realized what was happening and tried to get him out but it was too late. In the process, Murphy also accidentally called him Sheidheda, leading to some from WonKru pleading their fealty to Sheidheda.

With Sheidheda unleashed, there is no telling what could happen. It's clear that Indra has lost some more of the power she wields. It's amazing how badly things can go wrong when neither Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor), Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley), or Octavia Blake (Marie Avgeropoulos) are present. 

Now, fans are worried about what will come down on Sanctum. A user tweeted, "Indra, how could you not see it coming? It was obvious that the Sanctum Faithful were not going to survive Sheidheda. Now I fear for your life." Another wrote, "It's just not realistic that Sheidheda was able to kill them all by himself. Trained fighter or not, it was literally like 100 to 1. #the100."

A fan tweeted, "IS EVERYONE DEAD NOW YES THINGS IN SANCTUM ARE GETTING INTERESTING." Another opined, "what an agonizing end I saw, now I'm worried that all sanctum will be divided #The100." A fan shared, "Waiting for Indra to give Sheidheda a beating and show who really rules this place #The100."

A fan appreciated the actor playing Sheidheda in Russell's body, writing, "JR Bourne is a brilliant actor. I still remember when he played Martouf in #StargateSG1! I don't think I've expressed this here, but I'm so happy they kept him in #The100. The switch from Russell to Sheidheda was such a smart move!"

'The 100' airs on The CW on Wednesday nights at 8/7c. The show is going on a break after this week and the next episode will air at a later date.