'The 100' Season 7 Episode 8: 'Anaconda' blows fans away as they demand a prequel series

Fans absolutely loved this episode and are now demanding that the network come up with a prequel series because there is still so much story to tell

                            'The 100' Season 7 Episode 8: 'Anaconda' blows fans away as they demand a prequel series
(The CW)

Spoilers for 'The 100' Season 7 Episode 8 'Anaconda'

Just when you think that The CW's 'The 100' couldn't get any better, fans were given 'Anaconda', a prequel episode where we learned more about this fictional world that has been killing it for seven seasons. From meeting characters such as Bill Cadogan's (John Pyper-Ferguson) daughter, Calliope 'Callie' Cadogan (Iola Evans) to understand the history of The Grounders, this episode was "perfect for the soul", as aptly tweeted by a fan. With this final season's second half left, this episode has set up the groundwork (pun intended) for the rest of the episodes to come. As a result, fans are demanding that the network give them a prequel series.

"Ok this episode is sooo good so far. It gives me the old 100 vibes and I love it. I think we’d all really enjoy a prequel @TheCW @cwthe100 #The100 #The100Prequel," wrote a fan. Another replied, "WE WANT THE 100 PREQUEL #SecondDawn #WeWantThe100Prequel #The100 #The100Prequel." The narrative of the 'The 100' has been intriguing to many, from things like the anomaly, plants like Bardo, characters like Becca Franco (Erica Cerra) and conjurings like The Flame.

This prequel episode gave us many insights, and while some fans focused on how Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) is the key and that 'Anaconda' is code for "the missiles are in the air", the social media channel still strongly had one thing to say. "What an incredible thing it is that we get to explore a whole Universe of legend and lore all because of the most incredible fans," wrote a fan.

"We only have 15 mins left and I already love this story sooo prequel me please #The100," wrote another fan. Of course, there is no confirmation about a prequel series but we do know that if it does release, the fans are all eyes. Most tweets also showcase the trend #SecondDawn, as fans say that this could be the name of the hopeful prequel release.

While the episode did have so much to give in terms of character introduction, arcs and complicated history, still a lot was left unanswered. So yes, we're all hoping the rumors are true and we have answers coming out way. More interestingly, the show has also left so much room for an excelling story left of this last season. "You have to give us the prequel now, come on ya'll , WE NEED TO KNOW IT ALLLLL! #The100 #The100Prequel," tweeted an enthusiastic fan with another viewer adding, "I hope we get this prequel. I want it. I NEED it in my life. #The100 #The100Prequel #WeWantThe100Prequel."

One fan said, "Bro this episode of #the100 is astronomical, I didn’t understand anything but at the same time I did lmao, I really need to rewatch it asap because this episode was amazing." Another, like many, demanded more answers tweeting, "We need #The100Prequel!! I want to know more about Callie and how the Grounder culture came to be. Also can’t wait for the next episode of #the100."

'The 100' airs on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on The CW.

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