'The 100' star Luisa d'Oliveira says Emori understands the 'survivalist' in Murphy on a 'very base level'

'The 100' star Luisa d'Oliveira says Emori understands the 'survivalist' in Murphy on a 'very base level'

‘The 100’ has taken us fans to different variations of the world we know – 500 years after a nuclear apocalypse, just ahead of a new apocalypse, soon after a new apocalypse and a rear-view image of the whole world combusting as those that survived escaped to space. Season 6, however, is special, in that it is taking us through a whole new world - a moon with two suns, fauna that becomes deadly during the eclipse and the air that makes humans want to kill each other.

The humans who colonized this world created a sanctum here and fortunately or unfortunately for our protagonists, they have accepted a few guests. Emori, portrayed brilliantly by Luisa d'Oliveira, is among those who have been inside the Sanctum and experienced the violent effects of the atmosphere. However, even as the rest of team is starting to figure out that not everything is as rosy as it had initially seemed, Emori is MIA and according to d'Oliveira, she is not that easily fooled.

“Emori's pretty suspicious of people and cultures in general after her experience in her own grounder society, so I imagine she's cautiously trying to create her own opinion of this new world,” she tells MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), adding how she is also very curious and intrigued about “the beauty, the peace, the food, and the technology” of the new world.


“I imagine she has tons of questions and is locking her discoveries away for future use. She's happy to enjoy this time of peace, but she's always suspicious of what's around the corner,” she says, further adding that the concern she has also extends to her boyfriend John aka Muprhy, played by the wickedly talented Richard Harmon.


She is concerned about Murphy’s mental state and for the friends and she is worried about the havoc that would ensue if Murphy were to switch sides, as it was teased towards the end of episode 5, ‘The Gospel of Josephine.’  That being said, “There’s a survivalist in him that she understands on a very base level.” There is a possibility that she would forgive him for flipping sides then, but as d’Oliveira elaborates, it would involve some serious soul searching on her part.

Whatever Murphy’s choice may be – whether it is to have his friends’ back or to double cross the Primes - the future of season 6 promises to be “fantastic, nerve-wracking, and truly does the show justice.”

Says d'Oliveira, “I can't wait for everyone to see it!”

You can watch new episodes of ‘The 100’ season 6 every Tuesday at 9 p. m/8c on The CW, after which they will be added to The CW app.


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