'The 100' Final Season Countdown: Here are the deceased characters we'd like to see back in Season 7

With the temporal anomaly that was introduced on the new planet in Season 6, we think showrunner Jason Rothenberg could work some of that sci-fi magic and bring these old favorites back

                            'The 100' Final Season Countdown: Here are the deceased characters we'd like to see back in Season 7
Finn, Lexa, and Jasper (The CW)

Spoilers 'The 100' 

With Season 7 of 'The 100' less than two months away, fans are undoubtedly preparing for the final season by reminiscing about the previous six seasons. And what better time than now to revisit all of our favorite moments with a binge-watch of 'The 100'.

We have a few wishlists for the final season, among them, to see once again are the characters who were taken away. Of course, some names might make you go "duh" and some might surprise you. 

It might be an odd request to ask to see deceased characters again, but with the temporal anomaly that was introduced on the new planet in Season 6, we think showrunner Jason Rothenberg could work some of that sci-fi magic and help us see how these old characters might reappear and how they might interact with the group that the titular "100 delinquents" has evolved to now. 


Jasper Jordan was always a definite choice for this list. Played by Devon Bostick, Jasper went from being one-half of the comic relief duo with Monty Green to become the representation of PTSD among the group of kids who were sent to Earth to see if it was inhabitable.

Finn, Clarke, Monty, and Jasper on 'The 100' (The CW)

He met and fell in love with Maya of the Mountain men in Season 2 and when Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) and Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley) pulled the lever to save their people, Maya was inevitably killed. The toll of survival and war was felt early by Jasper as he took to drinking to numb his pain.

His growing discord with the rest of the gang, including his best friend Monty, was a cause of concern. Ultimately, in Season 4, Jasper opts to stop fighting for survival -- when the second Praimfaya comes, he chooses to stay behind, much to Monty's grief. With no nightblood, Monty is killed as Season 4 ends.

Rothenberg possibly wanted to show the consequences of constant grief and anxiety that came from worrying about your existence every day. Yes, some can continue fighting, but sometimes, enough is enough.

Monty was the antithesis of Jasper. He wanted to stop fighting, but he chose to go about it by choosing to live while everyone was on the Eligius ship. When everyone else was in stasis, Monty and his partner Harper lived out their life and even had a son, whom they named after Jasper. If Jasper comes back, it would be fascinating to see how he reacts to what the group has become. Should he learn that the earth was decimated completely and that more newcomers have joined the group, Jasper might react unexpectedly.

Honorary mention for Monty, but since Monty's story had closure, we think his return won't be as necessary. Although, it would be bittersweet to see Jasper and Monty interact one final time.


Clarke and Lexa on 'The 100' (The CW)

This is once again, another obvious choice. When Lexa was killed off in Season 3, many fans were upset and still are. Clexa vs Bellarke wars rage to even this day and fans would certainly want to see Lexa back.

Lexa came back from the dead once, when Clarke went into the City of Light at the end of Season 3 to defeat Becca. Lexa's consciousness was present in the Flame, which every Commander takes on, and we were able to see her interact with Clarke again.

Lexa's return in Season 7 might help give closure to fans of the character, though it is unlikely, since the actress who plays Lexa, Alycia Debnam-Carrey is a regular cast member of 'Fear the Walking Dead'.

In the new world in Season 7, the time of the Commanders is over, literally since the Flame was destroyed after Sheidheda tried to take over Madi's body. How might Lexa react to that? Perhaps she would think it's a good thing, after all, a new world with new people calls for revamping the system.

In this aspect, we also have an honorary mention for Lincoln who was killed in Season 2. Linctavia (involving Octavia) is another ship fans fight relentlessly for, although it is unlikely that Ricky Whittle might return because of a reported feud with Rothenberg. 


Finn and Raven on 'The 100' (The CW)

This might be an obvious choice for some but not for others. After all, when Finn Collins (Thomas McDonell) died in Season 2, 'The 100' was a very different show. The CW show has since gotten much darker and deadlier. 

But this is exactly why it would be cool to see Finn back. He would see that the Grounders are now part of the group, that since then many more groups have been added. He would see that unity was indeed possible.

Moreover, we would like to see one final scene between him and Raven Reyes. Let's be honest, he did not do well by Raven and he certainly owed her an apology and explanation. Finn's interaction with Clarke would also be interesting to watch. In both cases, he would be seeing very different and grown women changed massively by what they went through while he was still a boy when he died.


Roan (Zach McGowan), the son of Queen Nia of Azgeda was one of the standout characters of Seasons 3 and 4 and on a show like 'The 100', that's a different task to manage. Much like Clarke, he fought for survival, especially his own. 

Roan and Clarke struck many deals and fell out with each other. But at the end of his run in Season 4, he became more in sync with Skaikru. If there is one character, whose change in fate would have changed the show, it's Roan. Were he alive and in the bunker with Octavia Blake (Marie Avgeropoulos) and the others, it is unlikely that Octavia would have had to take on the burden she had.

Bellamy, Roan, and Kane in 'The 100' (The CW)

Marcus Kane

For the most part, Marcus Kane's arc had closure. He went from a power-hungry Chancellor-wannabe to the voice of reason. If there was one frustrating thing about him, it was his unrelenting support for Abby, but again, this was one of his most endearing characteristics.

Kane was a great diplomat and politician and his return would certainly help Clarke and Bellamy in that they could seek advice on how to move forward with this new world.

The honorary mention here goes for Jacopo Sinclair, the Chief Engineer and Raven's mentor. He died protecting Raven and he certainly would be proud to see what Raven has become. 

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