'The 100': Clarke's mental health has been deteriorating, will Bellamy Blake's death be the last straw?

'The 100': Clarke's mental health has been deteriorating, will Bellamy Blake's death be the last straw?
Clarke Griffin (The CW)

Spoilers for 'The 100'

One of 'The CW's' highly anticipated shows, 'The 100' has brought to us characters that have had to live through unthinkable trauma as they fought to keep the human race alive. Season 7 of the series has raised many questions on mental health especially focusing around one of the central characters, Clarke Griffin played by the incredible Eliza Taylor. In the season premiere, we saw Raven Reyes (Lindsey Morgan) and Griffin's daughter Madi Griffin (Lola Flanery) assure Clarke that they were there for her as she tried to get over the denial she bore after the death of her mother, Abby Griffin (Paige Turco). As Clarke's leadership roles only brought her more stress and responsibilities, we're wondering, just as fans are, when the writers will take into account Clarke's mental health - will it be addressed just as they had Madi's in Episode 7 titled 'The Queen's Gambit'?

Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin (The CW)

"I loved the Clarke and Raven scene but I’m still sad that no one ever addresses Clarke’s mental health #The100," wrote a fan after Episode 6 titled 'Nakara' where Clarke was seen comforting Raven over the guilt she felt after being responsible for the deaths of 4 Eligius prisoners. It's quite obvious that many depend on Clarke's ability to push back what would be her emotions to relevant situations and only focus on what's being asked of her by the multiple people and factions she is surrounded by. Interestingly enough, we are speculating that the news of Bellamy Blake's (Bob Morely) death could be the last straw for Clarke - she may not be in denial this time, it may consume her. Both Bellamy and Clarke have had an intense journey and share an emotional intelligence that's parallel to no other two characters on the show. They had gone from enemies to leaders, and had even made the step to friendship; many were hoping they could have reunited as lovers. While we're unsure if Bellamy is really dead, the characters for right now, do seem to think so, so it's only time before the news gets to Clarke. We're expecting a bigger reaction from her after a long enough time catering to the needs of her many factions. If you're an avid fan of the series, you would also remember that when Clarke had died, Bellamy had had a mental breakdown and almost killed  Russell Lightbourne JR Bourne) to get her back.

The reason we say we're expecting a "big reaction" from Clarke after hearing of Bellamy's death is not just because of the trauma and bond they share, but also because there have been quite a few instances that reveal that Clarke's mental state is deteriorating. For example, two seasons ago, in the Season 5 premiere, we saw her desperation to use a gun on herself right before she had found Madi. If left alone, Clarke is capable of scary things that could endanger her life, but we do think that with the people surrounding her, she will be able to come out of it stronger. We're hoping that as one of the main characters in a show where people have come to invest a lot of emotion in its characters, she should have a #mentalhealthcheck, as fans would say. Besides the fact that it is extremely needed, it's also something many fans seem to be resonating with. "The amount of times Clarke has held a gun to her own head combined with what she heard during the red sun show's us she's not okay! I think if a show adds a mental health storyline it needs to be addressed properly! I hope they talk about her mental health in S7! #The100 #Clarke" tweeted another fan.

Clarke has never been given time to properly assess and process her losses, she isn't given time or space to think of herself and her needs. If you'd remember when she was trying to heal with the passing of her mother, she had the Primes to deal with and now in the wake of Bellamy's death, the promo for Episode 8 titled 'Anaconda' shows her meeting with Bill Cadogan (John Pyper-Ferguson) - will she have to push her feelings aside again? The responsibilities of many lives have been put on her like when she killed Finn and she's always been able to lead but at the expense of her own healing.

'The 100' (The CW)

Clarke is a very strong character, as she not only represents many aspects of feminism but also the LGBTQIA+ community. Fans only ask that she gets some peace of mind. We don't see the writers completely missing this point though, because they have added many scenes to prove Clarke's failing mental strength. We're thinking it will be addressed soon, or we hope it will be. "Pls not gloss over this scene in s7 & ignore Clarke's mental health. she was trying to coax Madi back but that was also a major cry for help. she WAS gonna do it. she’s had blow after blow & her supposed friends were being so hateful to her until recently.#the100," tweeted a fan, speaking of the scene pictured above.

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