'That's My Jam': Kelly Clarkson's fantastic take on 'I Will Always Love You' floors fans

The coaches of 'The Voice' took on each other in a battle of musical games on NBC's new variety show with host Jimmy Fallon

                            'That's My Jam': Kelly Clarkson's fantastic take on 'I Will Always Love You' floors fans
Kelly Clarkson on 'That's My Jam' (NBC)

Jimmy Fallon's new show 'That's My Jam' just had its first episode and viewers who watched congratulated him for a great new show. The musical variety show will host a number of celebs who will compete with each other in fresh episodes.

For its special sneak peek episode, the premier saw Fallon 'borrow' the coaches on 'The Voice' for a night. Blake Shelton, Ariana Grande, John Legend, and Kelly Clarkson served as the first guest on the show and gave the audience plenty of laughs. Read on to know what games they played and what fans thought of the singers' time on the new NBC show.


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Ariana Grande and Blake Shelton were a team that played against John Legend and Kelly Clarkson for the chance to support their favorite charities and win the Silver boom box trophies. Hosted by Fallon who was full of beans as per usual the coaches on 'The Voice' played multiple musical games. The end of the night saw Kelly and John take home the trophies after a close completion with the other two. But a game towards the end stood out for audiences. 

One of the games called 'Mixtape Medley' Showdown saw Ariana Grande and Kelly Clarkson go head to head as they belted out songs by different artists. Displaying mind-blowing vocals the two sang many songs from 'Ooops..I Did it Again', 'How Will I Know' to its 'All Coming Back To Me Now'. But Kelly Clarkson who had to sing 'I Will Always Love You' by Whitney Houston grabbed fans' attention. With her beautiful, strong vocals the Americal Idol winner gave a stellar performance with viewers absolutely loving her rendition of the iconic song. Here's what they had to say about Clarkson's performance.

One of the viewers said, "They were fantastic! What voices, but @kellyclarkson doing I will always love you, hit it out of the park! No one since Whitney had come close. #music #Thatsmyjam". A tweet read, "Like I honestly can’t get over hearing @kellyclarkson finally sing a small part of I Will Always Love You. #ThatsMyJam". A user sad, "Kelly Clarkson just perfectly sang I Will Always Love You by Whitney and I’m here, still startled. Best American Idol ever! #ThatsMyJam".

A viewer commented, "I’d paid to see Kelly Clarkson sing karaoke. Wow! #ThatsMyJam". Yet another tweet read, "I enjoyed #thatsmyjam more than I expected to. Sweet Jesus can #KellyClarkson sing." A user also tweeted, "Kelly Clarkson “I’ll always love you “ in top 3 versions if not higher? #ThatsMyJam"














'That's My Jam' will return on January 3, 2022, at 9 pm ET on Monday on NBC.

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