Thailand massacre: 3-year-old boy shot in the head TWICE by gunman miraculously survives

Thailand massacre: 3-year-old boy shot in the head TWICE by gunman miraculously survives
Three year old Sumaee was among the several children who were attacked by alleged mass killer, Panya Kamrab (Screenshot Sky News Youtube/ Twitter/ @PichayadaCNA)

NONG BUA, THAILAND- A boy, who was shot in the head twice and stabbed during the brutal Thailand nursery massacre, has miraculously survived. Three-year-old Sumaee was at the childcare centre in Uhthai Sawan, when former cop Panya Kamrap killed 36 people in a gun and knife rampage.

The incident sent shockwaves across the world when the 34-year-old Panya barged into a locked room and slaughtered 24 sleeping children who had been settling down for a nap. Sumaee narrowly survived the attack after neurosurgeons removed the bullets from his head. His condition is said to be stable.


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The boy’s mother, Joy, alleged that her son was stabbed by the accused before the cold-blooded killer shot him twice to kill him. She said she almost “fainted” when she heard the news about the bloodshed, fearing for her child's life. Joy, while speaking to Sky News said, “I was holding his legs and feet in the ambulance and trying to tell him to be strong.” On that fateful day, her son had begged his mother not to take him to nursery but she “forced him”.

According to The Sun, a three-year-old girl, Paveenut Supolwong, was the only child left without any injury from Thailand’s deadliest mass killing in history. The young girl was asleep, hidden under blankets, when the shooter went on a killing spree. Her mother, Panompai Sithong, believes her daughter survived because the killer must have thought the child was already dead.

The suspect is reportedly a former police officer, who lost his job in 2021 after he was terminated because of drug-related charges, Col Natthawat Wongsanittheera of Na Want Police reportedly claimed. He also allegedly killed his own wife and child after carrying out the massacre but before he could be arrested, he killed himself.

As per police, Kamrab attacked the child development center in northeast Thailand at around 1.30 pm in the afternoon. A pregnant teacher and twin boys are among the 38 victims of the horrific mass shooting. Seksan Sriraj, 28, the devastated husband of Pramongmuk, said “I cried until I had no more tears coming out of my eyes. They are running through my heart. My wife was doing her duty as a teacher to the fullest capacity.”

"She’s now a teacher in heaven. My baby boy is now taking care of his mother in heaven. I still cannot come to terms with it. What is the perpetrator’s heart made of?” He also posted a sonogram image of their baby who was due later in the year. The daycare massacre is one of the most brutal tragedies recorded in recent Thai history. However, the motive behind the attack has not yet been revealed by the officials.

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