Body of missing Texas mother found hidden inside hotel bed frame three days after she was killed by boyfriend

Body of missing Texas mother found hidden inside hotel bed frame three days after she was killed by boyfriend

A missing Texas mother of six has been found dead as police found her body stuffed inside the bed frame in a hotel room on July 9.

This comes after 40-year-old San Juana Macias' body went unnoticed by both the police as well as the staff of the facility for three days after her murder.  Macias had gone missing on July 5.

Her boyfriend Jamie Wingwood, 40, has confessed to killing her.

The authorities were able to locate the body only after they were told by Wingwood to search for the victim's mortal remains in room number 219 at Roadway Inn off Highway 290.

Previously, the hotel staff had also entered the room a few times after the incident but were unable to notice anything out of the ordinary. 

Police found Macias' body wrapped in a fitted sheet and well hidden inside the frame. The body had signs of head and face trauma. 

According to CBS Austin, Wingwood was dating the victim for the last three years. Macias' daughter Andrea Tealer told the outlet that he had threatened the victim one day before she went missing. "He basically told her on Fourth of July that he was going to -- you know she had so many hours to live that he was going to kill her," Tealer said. 


The day Macias went missing, Wingwood's sister called Tealer and said that her brother had sent her a cryptic text that made her believe that he had killed Macias. "I love you always. I'm fixing to be gone for forever. I really f****d up this time. I'm leaving town. Right now," the text said. 

Wingwood was arrested by the police in Jefferson County, Louisiana, after an hour-long heated pursuit which ended in a crash.

He was charged with aggravated assault and tampering with a corpse. 

Macias’ family has set up a GoFundMe page to pay for her funeral.

“Her children are asking for help with her funeral expenses. She did not have life insurance. Her children should not have to worry about cost at this time,” the page stated. “They have endured an immeasurable amount of pain already.”


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