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Texas toddler tortured to death after state gave custody to two men who knew his homeless mother

All of the 3-year-old's fingers were snapped, and both of his arms and multiple ribs were broken when he was brought for medical assistance
UPDATED APR 16, 2020

FORT WORTH, TEXAS: A toddler has died after he was allegedly abused severely by two men who knew his mother and were looking after him under state custody. Amari Boone was left brain dead after the abuse, and his life support machine was switched off on Sunday Easter.

As per reports, the three-year-old was in state custody and was being looked after by the two family friends at the time of his death. The child was reportedly fatally beaten at his home in Fort Worth on April 10 before he was taken to the Cook Children’s Medical Center.

Reports claimed that all of the child’s fingers were snapped, as well as both of his arms and multiple ribs were broken when he was brought for medical assistance. Police have started their investigation and are yet to make any arrests or name possible suspects.

Meanwhile, Amari’s mother, Ariana Geroge, who lost custody of her two children about a year ago after becoming homeless, said she had repeatedly warned child protective services (CPS) about her child’s abuse but they always ignored them.

“He was amazing. He was the most brightest spirit you have ever met. He was so tiny but had such a big personality. He was just an awesome kid and didn't deserve this at all,” Ariana said.

She added that when Amari’s custody was given to the men, she was not worried because she knew them. But soon after the custody, the family friends took the toddler to the hospital with a sprained ankle, saying he fell down some stairs. Ariana also noticed new bruises and a swollen lip and eyes when she last met her son.

The mother said she took the pictures of the bruises and sent them to the CPS as evidence. “I gave it to my CPS caseworker. I gave it to her supervisor. And I gave it to my boy's lawyer,” she said, adding all of them ignored her complaint.

Ariana also said if the authorities had taken action on time, her child would still be alive. “I think they failed. They failed miserably. Because I gave them the information they needed and the pictures that I have,” she asserted.

She also claimed that she hasn’t been homeless for months and wanted to win custody of her son again. But her custody request was turned down by CPS. “They’ve not done a very good job of protecting my child. I have to make sure my son rests in peace. I talk to him all the time and tell him that I’m here, I'm still here, I love you, I never left your side and I believed you from the jump and we're going to get justice for you,” the mother added.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to raise money for Amari’s funeral. The child’s uncle Chasatie Boozer has organized the fundraiser.

CPS spokesman Marissa Gonzalez said they are working in full co-operation with the police. He also claimed that before sending the child to the men’s house, “background checks and visits to the home were conducted.”

Gonzalez added that Amari’s younger brother, who was also in the same home with the men, has since been shifted elsewhere.

According to Cook Children’s Medical Center, there is a spike in child abuse cases linked to "stresses from the COVID-19 pandemic." The center said they have seen severe seven cases of child abuse, excluding Amari’s case, in the previous week and two of the children died.