Texas man sexually assaults grandmother, 71, and brutally batters her to death with fire extinguisher

Witnesses found the accused sitting in the living room with blood on his clothes while his grandmother was dead in her bedroom

                            Texas man sexually assaults grandmother, 71, and brutally batters her to death with fire extinguisher
Michael Robinson (Dallas County Jail)

DALLAS, TEXAS: A man has been charged with capital murder after he allegedly sexually assaulted his grandmother before beating her to death with a fire extinguisher, arrest documents stated. Michael Robinson was arrested after police responded to a home on Terry Street, Dallas on Saturday morning, July 25, and found Irish Harrison dead in her bedroom.

The arrest affidavit has stated that the 32-year-old accused visited the victim and allegedly began sexually assaulting her before punching and kicking her. He also hit the 71-year-old woman with the fire extinguisher “several times” that led her to death. Reports also claimed that police were called to the scene after witnesses found Robinson sitting in the living room with blood on his clothes while Harrison was dead in her bedroom. Police said the suspect has admitted to sexually assaulting and killing his grandmother. He was sent to Lew Sterrett Jail and charged with capital murder. However, his bond has not yet been decided.

In another incident, a man from California allegedly cannibalized his 90-year-old grandmother. Dwayne Wallick was arrested after being accused of murdering Ruby Wallick with a knife and an ice pick before ripping off her flesh with his hands and eating it. The incident reportedly happened at a home in Richmond, California, which was shared by the suspect and the victim. The accused was Ruby’s carer and the duo were sharing the property for a couple of years.

Police were reportedly called to the scene on June 1 by the victim’s daughter and Dwayne’s aunt, who came to the house to pick up her mother. Richmond Police spokesman Sgt Aaron Pomeroy said the victim’s daughter called them after witnessing the grisly crime scene. When police responded to the scene, they reportedly found Ruby “bleeding on the family room floor and Dwayne in the room covered in blood”. Dwayne was standing over the victim and eating parts of her.

Speaking of the shocking crime scene, Pomeroy said, “I’ve seen it all but in 26 years of law enforcement, I have never seen a crime scene of a victim that badly injured”. Reports also claimed that when officials ordered the accused to stop, he did not pay any heed and continued with his behavior. To take him under control, police reportedly had to deploy a taser, but once the 5-second burst of the stun gun subsided, Dwayne became “extremely aggressive”.

The motive of the murder was unclear at the time, but investigators believed that Dwayne was under a type of synthetic stimulant, and tests were being undertaken to find if he had illegal substances in his system. He has no criminal history or no known mental health issues. Pomeroy said the accused was initially taken to a hospital for unspecified injuries. Prosecutors said Dwayne’s bond was set at $1.1 million. Meanwhile, Dwayne’s aunt said despite her old age, Ruby was highly functional. She was expected to live for many more years.

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