Texas man shoots his fiancée dead during argument just days after he proposed to her on New Year's Eve

Texas man shoots his fiancée dead during argument just days after he proposed to her on New Year's Eve
Kendrick Akins (Houston police)

A Houston man allegedly murdered a woman after proposing to her on New Year’s Eve, according to reports. Kendrick Akins, 39, shot his fiancée Dominic Jefferson, 31, during an argument. Police say he shot her on Holly View Drive in northwest Harris County around midnight.

Jefferson was killed in a parking lot of an apartment building and cops found her on the ground next to a car with its door still open. Authorities in Houston identified Akins as Jefferson's fiancé and took him into custody on Saturday after he arrived at a Houston police station. Sgt. Cullen Duncan told the Houston Chronicle that a neighbor overheard the couple’s fight and came outside to help the woman.

“We’re concerned with the fact that he’s not here on the scene and was, based on some statements, that he was at the scene earlier," Duncan said.

During the police investigation, the woman's sister, Charmone Onyeije, expressed confusion and wondered why Jefferson had been killed by a man who just proposed her. “Why?” Jefferson’s sister told KHOU 11. “Why would you do this? You said you loved her. You proposed to her on New Year’s Eve and now today you killed her. Why?”

A resident from Jefferson's apartment who came to help her also alleged that Akins tried to fire a shot towards him. According to Jefferson's family, she had been dating Akins for three months before he proposed to her. They also said she was the mother of three young children. The New Year's Eve engagement was recorded in a Facebook Live video. 

Reportedly, she ran a business to help African-American women succeed in the arts. Her family also said they never heard of any problems in Jefferson's relationship with her boyfriend. 


A vigil will be held for Jefferson at 4 pm Sunday at 9502 S. Kirkwood Rd.

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 Texas man boyfriend shoots fiancee New Years Eve proposal parking lot