Is Terry Funk OK? Pro wrestling legend battling dementia, fans say 'it's heartbreaking'

On a recent episode of his podcast, Don Muraco revealed that Terry Funk is suffering from Dementia

                            Is Terry Funk OK? Pro wrestling legend battling dementia, fans say 'it's heartbreaking'
Terry Funk began wrestling in 1965 and last wrestled in 2017 (Image credits: Instagram @thedirtyfunker)

Pro Wrestling Legend Terry Funk, who is one of the most loved and respected wrestlers all around the world has not been keeping up. Reportedly, Funk is suffering from Dementia and is currently in a home under supervised care. Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Don Muraco informed the same on his podcast.

On a recent episode of his podcast, former WWE Intercontinental Champion, Don Muraco revealed that Terry Funk is suffering from Dementia. Muraco also noted that Funk is living in an assisted living facility for those dealing with dementia. He said, "I heard that Terry Funk is in a home and disabled with dementia. I spoke with Scott Casey over the weekend, and I guess he’s driving to Amarillo, all the way to way down to Amarillo, so I don’t know. I know his wife passed away two or three years ago." Terry Funk began wrestling in 1965 and last wrestled in 2017.


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Terry Funk (Instagram @thedirtyfunker)


Mike Johnson at PWInsider also confirmed Muraco's comments, and said, "Terry has been dealing with issues for some time that has gotten progressively worse over the last year in the wake of the passing of his wife Vickie." Terry Funk married his wife Vicky Ann on August 14, 1965. The couple had two daughters, Stacy and Brandee. Vicky passed away on March 29, 2019. Earlier this year, Funk reportedly tested positive for COVID-19. 

Later, a statement released on Terry Funk's Twitter handle confirmed the news. The statement said, "Yes, Mr. Funk is currently receiving residential care for his multiple health issues, which do affect his mind as well as the rest of his body. As you can imagine, some days are better than others. He & his family appreciate all of your kind words! FOREVER!"



'Terry Funk is the embodiment of being the GOAT'

As soon as the news broke out pro wrestling fans took to Titter in large numbers and remembered the 'golden era' of wrestling legend Terry Funk, wishing him the best. One fan wrote, "I feel really bad that the legendary Terry Funk is reportedly suffering from dementia. Funk is an all-time legend and one of the greatest storytellers in wrestling history. He had classic match after classic match from the 70s all the way to the 2000s. I hope Terry's okay." Another commented, "Heartbreaking to hear Terry Funk is dealing with dementia. I see how horrible it can be on a daily basis, so it hurts knowing someone who’s given me so much entertainment over the years is going through that as well. My thoughts are with him and his family." Another fan tweeted, "God bless Terry Funk. Anyone who has had a grandparent or close relative with dementia knows how much it just SUCKS. Its all you can say. It’s hard on everyone in the family and it is truly something that will break your heart."

One fan said, "Terry Funk is the absolute embodiment of being the GOAT. Man helped countless people own their craft. If you don’t like The Funker, fuck you. Not enough characters to express gratitude for all this man has done for wrestling." Another tweeted, "Don’t want to sound like I’m eulogizing him, but Terry Funk is everything that makes wrestling great. He understood that more than anything, what sells in wrestling is personality/believability “I can’t make people believe wrestling is real, but I can make them believe I’m real”."