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'I can barely function': Mom-of-six struggles to survive after military veteran husband kills himself while suffering PTSD

Courtney Shelton’s friend Rhonda Castleman has helped the stay-at-home mom by raising funds for her sustenance
Courtney described her husband as someone who 'was always doing something for somebody else' but lost his mental balance after serving two duties in Iraq (Facebook/ Courtney Shelton)
Courtney described her husband as someone who 'was always doing something for somebody else' but lost his mental balance after serving two duties in Iraq (Facebook/ Courtney Shelton)

MUNFORD, TENNESSEE: A woman has been left heartbroken and distressed after her husband, who was a US military veteran, killed himself in July. Courtney Shelton reportedly had a great life with her husband, Chris, and their six children but everything drastically changed after he died while suffering from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Courtney had described the love of her life as someone who “was always doing something for somebody else” but lost his mental balance after serving two duties in Iraq. After Chris’ death, the mother whose children are aged between 16 to two were left with nothing. So to help them, her friend Rhonda Castleman along with Tennessee news station WREG raised money for her.


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“I have a friend named Courtney who very unexpectedly lost her husband on the first of July. She has four children under the age of 18 that live in the house. Two that are grown but the four in the house are 16, nine, eight, and two,” Castleman explained.

She told WREG, “He was the sole provider for the household. She’s been a stay-at-home mom for years. She’s lost. Bless her heart. She has reached out to friends for help and we’ve helped here and there where we could,” after contacting its 'Pass it On' program, which collects anonymous donations from people to help those in need.


As per reports, the television station donated $300 while $700 was received from some anonymous donors. In addition, an unidentified Hardeman County church also helped by providing $300, making the total amount $1,300. While giving the money to Courtney, her pal reportedly told her, “I know it’s not a fix, but it will help for a minute.”

Meanwhile, the mother got emotional while remembering her late husband as she said, “He was always doing something for somebody else. It’s just disheartening to know that someone who is so good and as kind, caring and loving, and helpful as Chris and all he did for this country and what he did for his family and friends, and in the end, he couldn’t get the help that he needed,” before adding, “Our veterans deserve more. My husband deserved more. These kids deserve more.”

This comes after earlier in August, Courtney wrote a long emotional post on her Facebook page that read, “For all the ones that said, I'm here if your need me...Well, NOW is the time and these are the things I NEED. Can 6 people HELP ME? I need 3 people to adopt one of my children (summer, weston & Ryan) to help with each of the school supplies they will need?? Can 3 other people help with some school clothes for each of them. I don't even know how they r going to handle going to school, they barely can make it through a day now they are in so much pain.. but I at least need to prepare them. I can barely function, I am trying EVERY SECOND & MINUTE to force myself to even get up and survive..”


She went on to explain, “I do not have my appointment until the end of August with Social Security for death benefits for the kids. Go fund me robbed $600 of the donations and barely had enough left over to pay my truck/Ins & landlord after paying for Chris's funeral services. If anyone would like to help with a Meal train to feed kids dinner for the next week or two that would be GREATLY appreciated. If anyone can pay on our electric or Gas & water bill to my landlord that would be GREATLY appreciated.”


“My husband sacrificed SOOOO much for this country, he would appreciate what you can do to help. Plz don't abandon me, I'm in the most unbearable, unimaginable pain grief and TRAUMA  I wouldn't wish on any human to witness and go through and I feel completely alone 💔 I'm so weak right now. I need someone to come temporarily be the driver for me (mentally). If not for me, do it if you love my kids. I'm at the point of desperation reaching out for help. I need these things to survive. My kids need MOMMY to survive. 💔😭😭😭 If you are able to lend an ear...reach out 901-616-3512,” Courtney added.

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, please contact the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).