'Temptation Island': Esonica says after Gavin's foot-in-mouth act, he should never expect a kiss from her

Esonica had put together a list of things that should not be done. But she had not listed this and Gavin snatched the opportunity.

                            'Temptation Island': Esonica says after Gavin's foot-in-mouth act, he should never expect a kiss from her

It can be hard to resist temptation when there are so many temptresses around, we are sure Gavin would agree to this. Prior to getting on 'Temptation Island', Esonica and Gavin decided t set some rules and boundaries so that they could have fun during their time on the island without disrespecting each other or their relationship. While things like - no holding hands, no kissing, no cuddling with other singles on the island obviously made it to the list, Esonica forgot to add no putting foot in the mouth, and Gavin seized that exception and put Payton's foot in his mouth and sucked her toes like they were candies.


During the bonfire when Esonica was shown the clip of her dear boyfriend going to town with someone else's foot, she had a very interesting reaction to it. She found it disgusting and said she'd never kiss him again. Then she went on to talk about how it was disgusting not just from a hygiene point of view but also in general. While she did look upset on seeing the clip, she held herself together very well and admitted that Gavin wasn't technically violating any of her rules but she was left thinking about the future of her relationship.

Fans were very impressed with how well Esonica handled the situation, a fan tweeted, "Esonica took that wayyy better than I would’ve. #TemptationIsland". Another fan wrote, "ESONICA IS SO SECURE!!! WE HAVE TO STAN!!! #TemptationIsland".  "Esonica is gonna cook up a pot of cow foot soup and pour that shit on Gavin’s lap after that clip “Yuh wan sucken randem feet eh” #TemptationIsland #DeadassTemptation", joked a fan.  Another fan wrote, "Gavin doesn’t deserve Esonica. Simple. I hope she knows her worth #TemptationIsland."

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