‘Temptation Island’: Gavin sucks Payton's toes and fans feel his girlfriend Esonica should dump him

‘Temptation Island’: Gavin sucks Payton's toes and fans feel his girlfriend Esonica should dump him

The last few minutes of episode 4 of ‘Temptation Island’ left fans in shock and disgust. It all began with the boys throwing a party for the temptresses. What started off as a fun, innocent party quickly turned into a wild one. Gavin got into the pool and did the unthinkable. He sucked on Payton’s toes like there was no tomorrow.
Gavin came to the show with his girlfriend Esonica. Esonica has difficulty trusting Gavin since he has cheated on her in the past. So they came on the show to see if they are the right people for each other before taking the next big step in their relationship.
While Esonica has been nothing but faithful and respectful about her relationship with Gavin the same can’t be said for him. He let other women grind on him, and then he himself indulged in the kinky behavior of sucking on Payton’s toes in front of everybody at the party.


Fans were totally shocked and lost for words. A fan wrote, “Watching Gavin suck toes has me in a twilight zone of shock! Like I can’t move my mouth is in an open lock and my eyes are trying to escape my body but they can’t  #TemptationIsland”. Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, “GAVIN IS SUCKING ON TOES WHAT ON EARTH IS HAPPENING ON THIS TELEVISION SHOW I AM F***ING SHAKING. ALL F***ING HAIL. #TemptationIsland”.
Fans strongly feel that what he did was way worse than cheating and that Esonica should dump him. A fan tweeted, “Gavin sucking the toes of another woman is worse than flat out cheating in my opinion. That’s just plain nasty. #TemptationIsland”. Another fan shared, “GAVIN WAS SUCKING T**S ESCONIA, THROW THE WHOLE MAN AWAY!! No coming back from that and with Payton of all people. #temptationisland @TemptationTV.” “I’d dump tf out of Gavin bc there’s NO way I’d be putting my lips on “my” man after he put another girl’s foot in his mouth! Are you kidding me?! #TemptationIsland”, “Yo! Gavin is in trouble now! Esonica is most likely done. It’s a shame. Damn shame #TemptationIsland”, wrote a fan.
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