‘Tell Me A Story’ Season 2 Episode 3 will finally wake up Sleeping Beauty Olivia Moon

‘Tell Me A Story’ Season 2 Episode 3 will finally wake up Sleeping Beauty Olivia Moon
Danielle Campbell and Paul Wesley star in 'Tell Me A Story' Season 2, a CBS All Access original. (IMDb)

The new season of the dark anthology recently opened and took us through horrifying incidents that are akin to Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella. As promised in the preview, we also saw hints of Sleeping Beauty’s story in the first two episodes, but the pieces weren’t enough to lay out the plot for us.

Now, as Episode 3 releases its promo, we see the hints coming together. So far, we have seen Tucker Reed (Paul Wesley) behaving mysteriously and stalking a girl named Olivia Moon (Danielle Campbell), who has recently moved to Nashville.

All we know about Tucker is that he is a struggling novelist and trying hard to finish his latest novel but frustrated with not being able to move ahead with his story. Then we suddenly see him following this young student around. While we are figuring out what Tucker might be up to, he has already conjured up a sinister plan to kidnap Olivia. He visits her house on the pretext of finding her lost cat and then renders her unconscious and takes her to a hideout.


This is where things start getting interesting. Unlike what you would expect of typical kidnapping cases, Tucker does not torture Olivia or send out a ransom demand. He only ties her up and puts her to sleep and goes off to sleep himself beside her.

Here’s something we need to understand about Tucker. We have learned from the earlier episodes that Tucker has been having difficulty sleeping. Whether it is because he cannot finish his novel or he has other issues he cannot deal with is something we are not sure of yet. But we do know that he has ‘issues’ for sure, which we hope will get revealed soon. But looking at the preview of Episode 3, we can clearly see that we will finally know what the angle for ‘Sleeping Beauty’ is in this season. As is the original plot of the Grimm’s story, the princess will be cursed and put to sleep by the wicked witch until three fairies and a handsome prince save her.

Now, since ‘Tell Me A Story’ is a highly twisted version of the said fairytale, Olivia might not be the princess after all. It is possible that Tucker is the ‘cursed’ one that he ‘cannot sleep’ (note the twist of tales here) and he would do anything to achieve that, even if it means kidnapping an innocent girl.


There is also the possibility, which we haven’t considered yet. There are chances of Olivia and Tucker having some history, although not directly and perhaps Tucker is having a payback moment. Whatever the reasons behind this might be, we will definitely see ‘Sleeping Beauty’ unfold in the next episode.

‘Tell Me a Story’ Season 2 airs every Wednesday midnight, only on CBS All Access.

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