Why are Tekashi 6ix9ine's baby mama Sara Molina and girlfriend Jade fighting? Rapper's ex's mom in center of feud

Why are Tekashi 6ix9ine's baby mama Sara Molina and girlfriend Jade fighting? Rapper's ex's mom in center of feud
Sara Molina said that Jade was encouraging Tekashi 6ix9ine's feuds (Instagram/ iamsaramolina/6ix9ine0fficial/JADE)

Tekashi 6ix9ine's baby mama Sara Molina, just days ago, had accused the rapper of putting her and their 5-year-old daughter, Saraiyah, in danger. The reason was 6ix9ine's feuds with other rappers who might target them to get back at him. However, she also added that 6ix9ine had made no attempt to rekindle his relationship with Saraiyah and was oblivious to the potential danger to her.

Sara and 6ix9ine - born Daniel Hernandez - were in a seven-year relationship beginning in 2011, since she was 16. Saraiyah was born in 2015 but the couple broke up after the rapper allegedly began sleeping with several different women - including his current girlfriend Jade.

Now in her latest Instagram rant, Sara took on both 6ix9ine and his girlfriend Jade. On Feb 25, Jade had posted about a DM from Sara's mother, where she allegedly told 6ix9ine that he cares for Jade and her child (who is not 6ix9ine's child) more than he does his own daughter, Saraiyah and threatened Jade's child with the same violence Saraiyah was facing. Jade had responded: "This sh*t is disgusting coming from and quote on quote 'grandmother/mother speaking on a child'" in an Instagram note that she has since deleted. 


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Screenshot of Jade's Instagram post where she responded to a threatening DM from Sara Molina's mother. (Picture: Instagram/__ohsoyoujade)

Jade's post seemed to upset Sara who posted an angry video rant on her ex and his girlfriend, saying her mom had every right to defend her and Saraiyah's interests. Especially since 6ix9ine was doing nothing to protect his daughter. In the rant, her mother keeps interrupting her and she tells her mother to "shut up" several times, before walking out of the house to complete her rant. Her mother follows her out, hurling some more accusations, before retreating back into the house, leaving Sara to complete her rant in peace.  


Sara in her video said that Jade was encouraging 6ix9ine's fights and wanted to take the risk with him -- a risk she, Sara, never wanted. Earlier, in another post, Sara had accused Jade of being "scared and insecure" and for "not being woman enough to step up" and get the rapper to be more responsible so that he would visit and protect his biological daughter. She also compared the relative security Jade's daughter enjoys, compared to 6ix9ine's biological daughter. Jade's daughter is not 6ix9ine's daughter.  


The rapper recently had an online war of words with Lil Reese after he seemingly referenced King Von's death in his song 'ZAZA'. 6ix9ine also got into a beef with 600 Breezy for dissing late rapper King Von. Breezy had written "You Got Die" on Twitter. After this, Sara said she and her daughter were in danger and they were being threatened.

Jade also posted on Instagram with a video with 6ix9ine, joking she was going to "leave him" till the rapper gives in to her teasing by play-attacking her in a lovey-dovey couple moment.



Under the post, several comments criticized the rapper and his girlfriend for their attitude toward Sara and Saraiyah. "I jus don’t get how somebody comfortable laying up w a man that don’t do for his kids..." said one comment, while another said: "Take care of yo kid my n****". Another commenter wrote: Iim2 happy for y'all but u should tell him take care of his daughter he lookin out for ur bum ass daughter". 

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