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Texas Airbnb host shot dead by boys, 14 and 15, in drive-by shooting after they 'hit wrong the house'

'I don't think they're showing any remorse, whatsoever,' said the sheriff referring to the accused teens
Novita Brazil, 25, was shot dead in drive-by shooting (GoFundMe)
Novita Brazil, 25, was shot dead in drive-by shooting (GoFundMe)

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS: Two boys, 14 and 15, allegedly killed a woman during a drive-by shooting after firing dozens of rounds into her Texas home in a West Bexar County neighborhood between Marbach Road and Loop 1604 at 12.30 am on October 4. The 25-year-old deceased woman was identified as Novita Brazil. Officials said one the Brazil's female Airbnb guests was also injured in the attack. She was in a stable enough condition to be sent to the hospital.

The teen duo who were taken into custody allegedly "hit the wrong house". Speaking during a press conference, Sheriff Javier Salazar of Bexar County, Texas, said, "I don't think they're showing any remorse, whatsoever," Salazar told reporters. According to WOAI-TV, both teenagers have been charged with first-degree murder and aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon.


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Brazil was "completely innocent," Salazar said. "She was just up, burning the midnight oil, doing some work on her computer, and now she's dead." A GoFundMe for Brazil describes her as "the sweetest person you would ever meet. She was kind, selfless, funny, loving, adventurous, and had a heart of gold."


According to the investigators, there were more than 100 shell casings collected in the street outside of the house. During the incident, gunfire was directed at two different residences. San Antonio Police assisted sheriff's deputies in locating two juvenile murder suspects, who were located in the rear of a baseball field in a community off Acme Road near Highway 151, roughly 10 miles from the initial crime site. "We believe these suspects came to this location and did a drive-by shooting," said Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar. "The problem with that is obviously 14-15-year-olds are doing a drive-by shooting in the dead of night. They hit the wrong house and it looks like a 25-year-old woman lost her life. Completely innocent. She was in her bedroom doing work on her computer and was shot and killed almost instantly."

According to the station's report, the teenage suspects who led law enforcement on a car pursuit were found hiding in the rear of a baseball field around 10 miles away. Two counts of avoiding arrest by automobile have been filed against the 14-year-old suspect, and one count of evading arrest on foot has been filed against the 15-year-old suspect. Both of these charges are in addition to the murder and assault charges that have already been brought against them.