Teenage boy who raped school girl for 2 hours RELEASED on bail just a day after receiving two-month sentence

Teenage boy who raped school girl for 2 hours RELEASED on bail just a day after receiving two-month sentence
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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: A teenage boy who was jailed for raping a high school girl at a Blue Mountains house party has now been released on bail on Friday, August 26. The result of his plea is yet to be announced. After being convicted in May of assaulting the schoolgirl for two hours straight in the living area of the house, the boy was sentenced to jail for a minimum period of two months on Thursday, August 25.
Due to legal constraints, neither the criminal's nor the victim's identity can be made public. A ruling was made which allowed the boy to be released on bail before a potential appeal. Following this ruling, the girl's father questioned the minimal sentence and demanded that the boy's name be released.


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In a statement to the Australian Associated Press on Friday, August 26, the victim's father said, "Two months in jail equals one month for each hour that he raped and choked our daughter. When you look at the damage he did to our daughter, the sentence is blatantly too short. The justice system is not treating rapists in the tough way the public wants them to. Given his total lack of contrition... our family want the justice system to publicly name him. The public have a right to know his name. "
Six accusations of sexual abuse and one charge of deliberate strangling were brought against the teenage boy in 2021. He was prosecuted this year and was proven guilty on all charges. Additional accusations against him were dropped. The judge ruled on Thursday, August 25 that juvenile custody must follow the most severe sexual offenses that involve penile penetration, as it is in this case.
Despite the boy's lack of repentance, the judge still thought his chances of rehabilitation were high based on his character recommendations as well as his societal and familial connections. In addition to a one-year probationary period for several sexual assaults and choking offenses, his total sentence has now been increased to nine months.
The victim allegedly did not like the boy but was under the influence of alcohol when she consented to some casual sexual activity with him but later pushed him away when things got uncomfortable. The girl called her rapist a "monster" who had left her frightened and irreparably wounded. She also revealed that ever since the incident, she has been having flashbacks and psychiatric problems, dealing with nightmares, and is left with zero confidence and self-esteem.
The victim conveyed a statement through her lawyer, Michael Bradley, on Thursday, August 25: "He violated me and he took away my virginity. He took away my confidence, my mental health, and the healthy life I led before the attack. " A future date would be set to evaluate the boy's plea.

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