Farrah Abraham slammed over daughter Sophia's 'bullying behavior' after she calls Amber Portwood 'Peppa Pig'

Sophia blurted out the words in a reaction video she and her mom Farrah filmed for the latter's Youtube channel

                            Farrah Abraham slammed over daughter Sophia's 'bullying behavior' after she calls Amber Portwood 'Peppa Pig'
Farrah Abraham and Sophia Laurent (Getty Images)

Former 'Teen Mom OG' star Farrah Abraham was slammed by fans and subscribers of her YouTube channel after her daughter Sophia called Amber Portwood "Peppa Pig".

Abraham had announced her choice to pursue a career in adult entertainment and it didn't sit well with MTV who later decided to fire her from the series. The current season is on air and the focus is on Amber Portwood's arrest after she assaulted her boyfriend Andrew Glennon and the rest of the cast's reaction to it. 

On April 27, the former MTV star shared a video of herself and her daughter Sophia on her YouTube channel. "MTV’S TEEN MOM MOST EXPLOSIVE 🧨 FIGHT REACTION VIDEO 🐷 : FARRAH & SOPHIA," she wrote in the title of the video wherein she and 11-year-old Sophia were watching and reacting to the video from the 2017 reunion episode where Amber had stormed onto stage attempting to fight.  

As seen in the throwback clip, Farrah was seated with her then-boyfriend, Simon Saran, who laughed at Amber. The 'Teen Mom OG' star attempted to fight Farrah but was stopped by Dr Drew and the security as well as the producers.
When Amber appeared on camera, Sophia was heard saying: "Here comes Peppa Pig!" Surprisingly, Farrah too joined in on the banter. She laughed at her daughter's comment and said: "Peppa Pig is loose!"

Subscribers who saw the video were not happy with their "bullying" behavior. 

"Sad thing imo is you being ok with your 11 year old daughter calling another " peppa pig"..Really gross behavior to be ok with that kind of bullying. No matter how much you dislike another. But- I know... you don't care what we observe...I'm just here reacting to your reaction vid....smh" wrote a viewer. 

While another slammed Farrah for allowing her underage daughter to watch the clip, "Why is an eleven year old watching this? So inappropriate"

Another worried viewer wrote, "Encouraging your daughter to be a bully and letting her watch that is really inappropriate..That poor girls life is going to be doomed..."

While another wrote, "I can’t wait for Sophia to be in her teens and give you that punch you deserved to have on that stage."

Another viewer wrote the following while questioning Farrah's parenting, "Wow. You seriously have issues Farrah. This is so disturbing. Nice parenting. A bully teaching a soon-to-be bully. You seriously need help sweetheart."

Check out the video here

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