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'Teen Mom OG': Amber Portwood questions Dimitri's intentions, asks him to take a lie detector test

Amber Portwood is not taking any risks when it comes to relationships and before fully committing to the new man in her life, she wants him to take a polygraph test
Dimitri and Amber (MTV)
Dimitri and Amber (MTV)

Amber Portwood and Dimitri Garcia have been going strong but it looks like she has some doubts about their relationship. After being in relationships where she was left questioning them and was lied to, Amber found it hard to believe that Dimitri might be in it for good reasons. 

One of the signs that made her question was how people found out that she was dating him as she had not opened up about it to anyone. Meanwhile, she felt strange that there were times she would find a random person texting Dimitri and he would say it is his cousin and move on. All these instances made her think he may be hiding something. 

Speaking to her ex-boyfriend, Gary Shirley about this, she hinted she did not want history to repeat itself. She recalled how one of her ex-boyfriends had been cheating on her and she found the truth when he took the lie detector test. Amber wanted to find if Dimitri was in it for good or was he dating her for fame, money or a green card. 

Dimitri agreed to take the lie detector test to prove to Amber that he really loved and cared about her. Meanwhile. Gary was worried she might lash out on him if she found something she was not happy about. He further added that the situation would be bad for her given the domestic violence accusations already on her. 

Luckily, that moment did not arrive as Amber found out that Dimitri was committed to the relationship and genuinely liked her. As the couple came back home, Amber admitted she was happy with the result but still found it hard to fully commit herself to the relationship. 

She agreed that her previous relationships had put her in a spot where she was taking time to trust any man in her life. She also questioned why Dimitri cared about her and if he did, why didn't the other boys she dated before treat her in the same way. 

Later, Amber became emotional and broke down crying as she confessed that she was happy to have someone who loved her. She admitted that it had been a long wait but was happy to finally have someone who supported and loved her. '

'Teen Mom OG' airs on Tuesdays at 8 pm ET on TLC.