'Teen Mom Family Reunion': 5 things you need to know about MTV reality series

Watch as the 'Teen Mom' franchise cast opens up about their experience with parenthood and what made them join the series

                            'Teen Mom Family Reunion': 5 things you need to know about MTV reality series
Maci Bookout in 'Teen Mom Family Reunion' (Youtube/MTV's Teen Mom)

Ever since '16 and Pregnant' premiered in 2009, fans have been invested in the lives of the original cast and the teen moms that came after. Navigating through motherhood is not easy, especially when you're trying to fulfil your aspirations as a young adult. However, between the heartache, trials and tribulations, the cast of the series seems to have come out on top and are now set for a new adventure in 'Teen Mom Family Reunion'!

Get ready to see the familiar faces of Amber Portwood, Ashley Jones, Maci Bookout, Cheyenne Floyd, among others, as these moms take time off to evaluate what the future holds.


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When does 'Teen Mom Family Reunion' release, and where can you watch it?

'Teen Mom Family Reunion' premieres on MTV and Paramount+ on January 11 8/7c.


Who stars in the 'Teen Mom Family Reunion' series?

Amber Portwood
A mother of two, Portwood was a part of the original cast of '16 and Pregnant' in 2009. As per her cast bio for 'Teen Mom Family Reunion' --"Amber joins the reunion with her ex Gary. Although she is sequestered to her room after getting sun poisoning, she opens up to the cast about her issues with her daughter Leah. Knowing that her daughter doesn't want a relationship with her and she does not have custody of her son, she begins to work through her feelings of inadequacy as a mother."


Ashley Jones
Jones was a part of 'Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant' in 2018 and is now all set to be a part of the series' new spin-off. As per her cast bio for 'Teen Mom Family Reunion' --"Ashley arrives at the reunion with her partner Bar. After her beef with Briana and Jade comes to a head, she is forced to examine her behavior on social media. Shortly after, she reveals to the cast that she and Bar have been married for several months, but their relationship is on the rocks. Ashley worries that Bar will never live up to his full potential, and she's tired of waiting around for him to work toward any of his goals."


Briana DeJesus
Fans were first introduced to Briana DeJesus back in 2013, during 'Teen Mom 3'. As per her cast bio for 'Teen Mom Family Reunion' --"Briana and her sister Brittany arrive in California hoping to work through their issues with Devoin. While Briana is happy Devoin is making an effort with Nova and Stella, she knows he should be doing a lot more. When Devoin joins the reunion several days later, they are forced to address issues with their communication and anger toward each other."


Cheyenne Floyd
A regular cast member on 'Teen Mom OG', Kristyn Cheyenne Floyd is now back for the spin-off. As per her cast bio for 'Teen Mom Family Reunion' --"Cheyenne and her fiancé Zach join the reunion hoping to spend some quality time together without their kids. Cheyenne struggles to work through the idea of being a "supermom" and doubting her ability to give her children everything they need. Her ex Cory joins later, and the three of them work to continue navigating their blended family."


Jade Cline
A former regular on 'Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant', Cline is known for her time on 'Teen Mom 2'. As per her cast bio for 'Teen Mom Family Reunion' -- "Jade and her best friend Chau join the reunion hoping to enjoy some much-needed time away from her hectic home life. After confronting her issues with Ashley early on, they are able to form a bond knowing they both have people in their life who struggle with substance use. Jade shares with the others that she is worried that when she gets home, she will not be able to foster a relationship with Sean while he is away at rehab."


Leah Messer
A mother of three, Messer was originally a part of the 'Teen Mom 2' cast. As per her cast bio for 'Teen Mom Family Reunion' --"Leah arrives at the reunion revealing that she is in a new relationship. She confides in the other moms that she is struggling to open up to her boyfriend Jaylen because it seems too good to be true, and she has major trust issues lingering from her past. Soon after Jaylen arrives, the new couple is forced to work to establish trust and work to keep moving their relationship forward."


Maci Bookout
Originally a part of the 2009 series '16 and Pregnant', Bookout is now a mother of three and still associated with the franchise. As per her cast bio for 'Teen Mom Family Reunion', "Maci attends the reunion alone hoping to figure out who she is without her children. She soon realizes a lot of her issues with emotions have kept her from being more present with her husband and children. She works to open up to the other cast members and move past her feelings of betrayal from Ryan."


What is 'Teen Mom Family Reunion' all about?

As per the series synopsis, "What mom doesn't need a break? That's why cast members from across the Teen Mom franchise are coming together for a tropical vacation. But it's not all rest and relaxation, as the moms dive deep into relationship, friendship and parenting issues."


Dia Sokol Savage, Larry Musnik and Morgan J Freeman serve as the executive producers of 'Teen Mom Family Reunion'. 


You can check out the trailer for 'Teen Mom Family Reunion' here. 


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