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'Teen Mom' fame Mackenzie McKee claps back at ex Josh, says wouldn't have affair with anyone he knew

Mackenzie talked on social media about Josh having an affair with her cousin and that she would have affairs herself, but never with anyone he knew
UPDATED NOV 25, 2022
Mackenzie McKee and Josh McKee (Instagram/@mackenziemckee and @joshmckee28)
Mackenzie McKee and Josh McKee (Instagram/@mackenziemckee and @joshmckee28)

PALMETTO, FLORIDA: Mackenzie McKee, 'Teen Mom' star, appears to be still upset over what transpired between her ex-husband Josh McKee and her cousin. In a recent TikTok live, the mom of three didn't hold back, saying that she would have affairs, but never with somebody her then-husband knew about.

Mackenzie recently hit back at her ex-husband Josh after he posted an NSFW picture with his new love interest. After their tragic breakup, the 'Teen Mom OG' star's baby daddy has moved on to a new relationship. Mackenzie had expressed her thoughts toward her ex-boyfriend Josh and his new girlfriend. On November 16, the reality star took to her TikTok profile to share a lengthy yet open message about her failed romance. She returned to her social media account a week later to recount the time she felt betrayed by her own spouse and cousin.


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What happened between Mackenzie and Josh?

Mackenzie McKee of 'Teen Mom' fame claimed on social media in May 2020 that her husband Josh McKee and her cousin were having an affair. She claimed she did this before speaking to any of them. She noticed her cousin's phone number appear (on a regular basis) on Josh's phone and believed they were sleeping together. On July 23, 2020, Mackenzie spoke with 'The Domenick Nati Show' and expounded on what truly happened between Josh and her cousin.

They were having marital troubles just before Mackenzie suspected Josh was having an affair. For starters, he found her on Tinder. Josh, Mackenzie claims, was also spending a lot of time away from their house.

"During this time of roughness, he got obsessed with going fishing. And I knew he was going fishing because I do have my location set on my phone. A lot of nights I would go, and a lot of nights my dad would go. And we inherited my dad’s old boat when my mom passed away. He was just obsessed with being away," she explained. "Anytime we were together I was screaming at him, I was bringing up the past, I was not being a good wife," Mackenzie added. "And it was kind of like we were under the same roof but not together. And, at this point, it wasn’t healthy, we were fighting."

Mackenzie and Josh had a worse dispute than usual one day, and Josh remarked, "I think it’s time for us to be done."

"He left and moved out. And that’s when I decided to check his phone records," she explained.

The same phone number kept appearing in Josh's phone records. When Mackenzie dialed the number, her cousin's name appeared. When the 'Teen Mom' star discovered who owned the phone number, she "went straight to the internet."

"Instantly, I’m like, this is an affair. I’m writing a status. I’m destroying his name. I’m gonna destroy her name. Obviously, this is an affair," she stated. Mackenzie talked to her cousin that night.

Mackenzie stated on Twitter that Josh had messaged her cousin because he needed guidance regarding their relationship. However, the reality star revealed to Nati that Josh was assisting her cousin in obtaining "anxiety medicine." Her cousin was talking with Josh's brother via Josh's phone, according to the 'Teen Mom' personality.

Despite the fact that Josh and Mackenzie's cousin was not having an affair, she was nonetheless angry at both of them for hiding something from her. Mackenzie and Josh ultimately separated in June 2022, after 12 years together.

Fans aren't thrilled after seeing Mackenzie address the affair in one of her latest Live streams, with many questioning the veracity of her claim. One fan asked on Reddit, "So now he did sleep with the cousin again. Is that the story we're going with? Are we going to stick with it? Because first, he slept with his cousin. Then when they made up, it was all I misunderstood. So what is it, mac?" Another fan quipped, "She said they had an affair, which knowing her she’s going to backtrack at any minute and say something like “I said affair but I meant emotional affair because they were talking all the time” just like last time." One fan also commented, "Girl is spiraling."


On the other hand, some concerned fans also added to the thread, "She needs several years of therapy and various medications and so do the kids. Getting rid of Jawsh is step number one. Now call a specialist Mak 😭"

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