Kyle Rittenhouse: Was White teen militia member who shot multiple Jacob Blake protesters working with Kenosha cops?

Videos shared on Twitter reveal a gunman shooting a protester in the head, multiple shots are heard as an armed individual wearing a green t-shirt is seen fleeing the scene

                            Kyle Rittenhouse: Was White teen militia member who shot multiple Jacob Blake protesters working with Kenosha cops?
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KENOSHA, WISCONSIN: A White teenager armed with an assault rifle has been linked to at least two shootings in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday night as protests over the shooting of unarmed black man Jacob Blake turned violent. The gunman, now identified as Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, has been charged with murder over the killings after he shot dead a protester in the head directly across the street from a hospital in Kenosha. Multiple shots were heard outside an auto body shop in video footage shared on Twitter before the armed militia member wearing a green t-shirt was seen fleeing the scene.

A Twitter user had been the first to identify Rittenhouse via his Facebook profile. 


On the day of the protests, videos featuring witnesses yelling "He shot him!" went viral as protesters were seen bending down to assist the victim, who is lying on the ground between two parked vehicles. They proceed to apply pressure on the gunshot wound on the side of his head with a piece of clothing.

According to the report, the armed individual is said to be a member of the Boogaloo movement and was reportedly defending a car dealership when a rioter attempted to burn the establishment down, prompting him to open fire. The citizen was seen in a separate video running down Sheridan Road with his assault rifle as he was chased by an angry mob of protesters. Moments later, the teenager tripped and fell to the ground. As protesters attempt to disarm him, the teenager fires multiple shots at them. One of the bullets strikes one protester in the chest while another is shot through his arm.



The second gunshot victim is heard screaming "F–k, I need a medic!" in another clip that went viral on the micro-blogging platform. The two protesters shot by the gunman succumbed to their injuries. At the time, Kenosha police and the FBI were actively looking for the Rittenhouse.



Cellphone footage appears to show Kenosha police working with militia members, including the alleged shooter, telling them over their PA system that they "appreciate them being there" and handing out bottles of water while shooing away rioters. In another video, a militia member supposedly claims police told them they would drive protesters towards them so they can "deal with them."



Kenosha witnessed the third night of violent protests that have torn through the city after a white police officer shot Jacob Blake at least seven times at close range after he failed to comply with their orders and tried to enter a vehicle. As per a CNN report, he was unarmed and the incident unfolded right in front of his children. According to family attorney Ben Crump, police fired from close range as Blake tried to enter an SUV in which his sons, aged 3, 5, and 8 were present. The incident first came to light when a 'traumatizing' video went viral on the Internet.

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