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'Ted Lasso' Season 2 Episode 6 sees Ted leaving as Richmond reaches FA Cup semifinal

The sixth episode saw a shift in tone with the ending as Ted left the quarterfinal game in the middle and no one knows where he is
UPDATED AUG 27, 2021
Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso in 'Ted Lasso' Season 2 (Apple TV+)
Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso in 'Ted Lasso' Season 2 (Apple TV+)

Ted Lasso’ Season 2 is slowly and steadily movie toward its conclusion and the stakes are getting higher for the makers to end it on a high. After an extraordinary fourth episode and a worthy follow-up, the Apple TV+ saga has taken a different route in the latest episode which might surprise the viewers.

The fifth episode saw Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein) training Richmond’s captain and his mate Isaac (Kola Bokinni) so that he can become a better version of himself. In the end, we saw Roy returning to the stadium and joining the management as the Assistant Coach while getting a bit emotional. So, the latest episode picks up from where we left. Kent is now training the team and others are helping him in making the team ready for the FA Cup encounters.


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In the opening moments, we get to know that Richmond has won 4 out of their last 4 games and made it to the quarter-final of the prestigious tournament. However, they face a tough opponent like Tottenham Hotspur in the quarter-final of the event.

There is a heated argument between Kent and Jamie Tartt after the game and Kent tells him that he doesn’t need to play the passing game on the field because he is much more than that. Roy says that he knows Jamie is a “prick” and he should be a prick on the field as well to get into the heads of the opponents.

A still from 'Ted Lasso' Season 2 Episode 6 (Apple TV+)

So, the big day is here and it is by far the most important game in the history of Richmond. Fans are ready to see their favorite team reaching the quarter-finals and Ted is ready to take the side to glory. None of the teams manage to score a goal in the first 30 minutes and then, a miracle happens. Jamie Tartt gets into the head of one of the players and scores an amazing goal to take Richmond ahead. The entire sequence was very well shot and the way Jamie dribbles the ball on the field is shown magnificently.

However, a strange look has come over Ted’s face and he starts to shiver. His hands have gone cold and he starts hearing a lot of voices in his head. Ted puts his hands inside the pockets and leaves the stadium. The management and the players are shocked to see that. In the process, Hotspur scores and equalizes. Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham), while sitting inside the stadium, knows something is wrong.

Hannah Waddingham as Rebecca in 'Ted Lasso' Season 2 (Apple TV+)

Nevertheless, the score is 1-1 and Richmond needs something special. Nathan Shelley (Nick Mohammad) rises up to the occasion and takes the coaching job. He tells the players to “park the bus” and play defensive. The trick worked and Tottenham could not score, but a mistake from Hotspur gave Richmond the chance to get ahead and they finally score to book a place in the semi-finals of the FA Cup.

On the other hand, Rebecca is finding Ted inside the locker room and finds his Richmond jacket lying on the floor. The team is happy after the win and goes for a drink but no one asks for Ted. As a fan of the show, it was truly heart-breaking to see none of the players asking for Ted even when he was the one to bring the team closer.

A still from 'Ted Lasso' Season 2 (Apple TV+)

The episode ends with the team’s therapist finding Ted sleeping on the couch of her office. Lasso says, “I would like to make an appointment” as the episode comes to an end. The conclusion of the episode titled ‘The Signal’ suggests that Ted is going through a lot of stress and there’s something that he is unable to convey to others. This is probably the first time we have seen Ted getting so nervous after the game and leaving the field without telling anyone. So, what’s bothering him? The next episode will be the most important of this episode.

Another solid episode of the Apple TV+ show and the writers always surprise us with what they are capable of. ‘The Signal’ will surely make you feel the jitters and also, put a smile on your face.

‘Ted Lasso’ Season 2 returns with a new episode every Friday on Apple TV+.