Ted Cruz calls neighbors 'a**holes' for leaking wife Heidi's texts, Internet asks him to 'look in the mirror'

Ted Cruz calls neighbors 'a**holes' for leaking wife Heidi's texts, Internet asks him to 'look in the mirror'
Senator Ted Cruz made an appearance on the podcast 'Ruthless' to stir another controversy (Getty Images)

It looks like Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has some very strong words of advice for the anonymous source who leaked his wife Heidi's text messages to the New York Times last week. The Cruz family's very controversial trip to Cancun is not one that is going to be settled anytime soon, and every day brings a new update. 

Appearing on the podcast 'Ruthless' during the Tuesday, February 23, episode, Cruz said, "Here’s a suggestion. Just don't be a**holes. Just treat each other as human beings. Have some modicum of respect."


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Cruz was a guest on the podcast to discuss the winter storm in Texas, the state of President Joe Biden’s nominees to top administration posts, and of course, his widely condemned Cancun vacation which was cut short last week. 

A pedestrian walks by a digital billboard truck with an image of US Sen Ted Cruz (R-TX) as it sits in a parking lot near Senator Cruz's home on February 19, 2021, in Houston, Texas. Ted Cruz is facing criticism after he left Texas to go to Cancun, Mexico with his family during an unprecedented winter storm that brought freezing temperatures and widespread power outages throughout the state. (Getty Images)

'Ruthless' is a very popular conservative podcast and, after talking in detail about the problems faced by the Texans as more than 4 million homes lost power, the senator got to the topic that many were eager to know more about — the Cancun trip. And from there, it came to the leaked messages. 

"Yeah, I will say Heidi is pretty p***ed at that. She texted several of our neighbors. Now look, our neighbors, we've got a number of Republicans who are our neighbors, but we also have a number of Democrats," Cruz said on the podcast. "It's a sign of how ridiculously politicized and nasty and just, you know, here’s a suggestion: just don't be a**holes. Treat each other as human beings. Have some degree, some modicum of respect."

According to NYT, Heidi had invited neighbors to join them on the trip. The Times reported the texts on Thursday, February 18, the day after the Cruz family left for Cancun and the day of the Texas senator’s return.

"Text messages sent from Ms Cruz to friends and Houston neighbors on Wednesday revealed a hastily planned trip. Their house was 'FREEZING', as Ms Cruz put it — and she proposed a getaway until Sunday. Ms Cruz invited others to join them at the Ritz-Carlton in Cancún, where they had stayed 'many times', noting the room price this week ($309 per night) and its good security," the report said.

A digital billboard truck with an image of US Sen Ted Cruz (R-TX) sits in a parking lot near Senator Cruz's home on February 19, 2021, in Houston, Texas (Getty Images)

After he was pictured at the airport boarding a flight with his wife and daughters, social media was riled up. The outrage lasted days at Cruz reportedly gave one excuse after another for going on the trip. He even reportedly threw his own daughters under the bus saying that they wanted to leave the state and he wanted to be a "good dad".

Twitter was pretty livid at Cruz's latest dialogue on the podcast. "Look in the mirror @TedCruz ! #FlyingTed Calls Neighbors Who Leaked Wife's Texts 'A-Holes' in Podcast," said a user. "Ted Cruz has been voted the new biggest a**hole in America, replacing Mitch McConnell," one user tweeted. "Ted Cruz suggesting that people not be a**holes is the funniest thing I’ve read so far today," another user said.

"@tedcruz You got it wrong Ted. You're the a**hole who went on vacation and showed your voters how much you cared about their suffering. Doesn't matter what you do or say, you are known worldwide as a despicable human being. No wonder politicians have such a bad name," another added. "Republicans feel no remorse for their behavior, only outrage toward those that expose them," another user added.







Even Cruz admitted that his decision to embark on the holiday was "obviously a mistake". And since then, every clarification he has presented has been slammed on social media. He even took to Twitter to do damage control by sharing images of delivering water and meeting with Texans. But even drew flak there. 

The podcast statement, however, got him more backlash than respite. A user explained, "Ted Cruz is lecturing people about not being a**holes from a podcast called Ruthless that was launched 4 days after Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, with the Supreme Court as its cover art and its title specifically written as RUTH LESS. That sound like 'not being an a**hole' to you?"


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