Who is Tiffany Johnson? Florida teacher, 39, discussed sex toy and asked student his penis size

Tiffany Johnson branded herself as the 'biology bombshell' at Florida's Howard W Blake High School

                            Who is Tiffany Johnson? Florida teacher, 39, discussed sex toy and asked student his penis size
Tiffany Johnson was a Biology teacher at Howard Blake High School (LinkedIn)

A 39-year-old teacher from Florida's Howard W Blake High School in Tampa Bay, has resigned after students complained about her inappropriate sexual comments in class. The biology teacher reportedly discussed her sex life and talked about her sex toys in the classroom, even going to the extent of commenting on the size of a student's penis. She cited 'personal reasons' behind her resignation which was prompted after a group of female students complained about Johnson's highly sexual and bizarre classroom antics.

According to the Tampa Bay Police Department, Johnson's behavior did not tantamount to any criminal offenses. Nevertheless, her overtly sexual comments made students feel unsafe in her classroom, especially after she joked about having sex with students. A spokesperson for Hillsborough County Public Schools addressed the issue stating, "It was clear that Ms. Johnson on many occasions made inappropriate comments and overall did not conduct herself in a professional manner. As our district was moving toward termination, Ms. Johnson resigned."


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Who is Tiffany Johnson?

Tiffany Johnson had been a biology teacher at Howard W Blake High School for around five years. She boasted about her prowess in biology by dubbing herself as the 'biology bombshell'. 

According to her LinkedIn profile, the Tampa Bay native holds a B.Sc degree in Chemistry from the University of Redlands. The University of Nevada - School of Dental Medicine is also listed in her educational details, but there are no specific details provided. Prior to her stint as a teacher, Johnson worked in Hotel Operations for 4 years, followed by being an Educational Recruiter at a technical institute. She has also listed herself as a consultant with Camden Property Trust since 2010. 

Tiffany Johnson (Lignell Awards 2020)

At the High School, Johnson taught Biology, Anatomy and Physiology. She was also the Lead of the Professional Learning Community and a Senior Class Advisor. In 2020, she won the Lignell Award for Outstanding Teacher at the Tampa Bay Engineers Week Banquet. Johnson was described as someone who "fosters a positive teacher-student relationship within her classroom, which has translated to an educational culture where positivity, wittiness, and self-accountability are the key components to fuel her students to be, "the best version" of themselves." The honor is hugely ironic since the accusations against her were exposed.

Complaints against Johnson

The complaints against Johnson surfaced months prior to her resignation. The whistleblower happened to be Madisyn Slater, a senior student at the school. She voiced her concerns about Johnson's unusual classroom comments - where she reportedly told students about not wearing underwear and discussed her vibrator. She also made comments about the probable size of a student's penis in her class. 

Another student, Jessica Chapa, revealed that Johnson once openly said how she could not wait for the students to turn 18 - presumably to have consensual sex with them. More female students followed up, sharing their personal trysts with Johnston's inappropriate behavior that made them feel uncomfortable. 

A student by the name of Rebecca Braukman revealed that the teacher would allegedly discuss her sex life with the students, even showing her photos of men on the phone. In one instance, she let a boy touch her breasts after he asked for it. On another occasion, she talked about how sensitive her nipples become during sex. In addition, she used sexually explicit methods while teaching - like the mnemonic 'Dirty Kinky People Come Over For Group Sex' - which is supposed to help students remember taxonomic orders. 

According to another girl, Angelica Ayala, Johnson once showed her the photo of a male stripper's penis while sharing her experience at a male strip club. She additionally joked about having sex with a student after graduation. 

Conol Vassar, one of the male students, recounted how he felt unsafe in her classroom after she repeatedly joked about the size of his genitals, saying, "I wonder how big yours is."

While teaching about vaginal health, she talked about not wearing underwear. The teacher even admitted joking about having sex with students after they turn 18. 

A student William Ward tweeted how Johnson behaved in class: "Miss Johnson would literally talk to my class about how she likes to be fucked and which students she would let fuck her and some of you think that’s ok. Weird." In September 2020, he had tweeted: "Thinking bout when i wrote Dick on my work in biology and miss johnson wrote back..."





Despite the complaints, Johnson was shown solidarity by more than a dozen students who even submitted letters in her support. They claimed to love Johnson and her unusual teaching methods. In fact, School Principal Jesse Salters noted that the school could not fire Johnson just because some students did not like her, because others wanted to be in her class and loved her. 

In February 2021, whistleblower Madisyn wrote an email to School Superintendent Addison Davis, urging officials to look into their complaints about Johnson. Davis thanked Slater for speaking out and assured of appropriate measures. While the school district was investigating Johnson, she continued teaching as usual. Eventually, the police detective investigating Johnson concluded that though her behavior was "not within the societal standards expected of a high school teacher," she did not commit any crimes. offenses.

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