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Teacher asks teen to 'control herself' after she asks to be excused for starting her period during class

The teen complained about her teacher during the weekly feedback which landed him under investigation. She then felt guilty for potentially causing him to lose his job.
Image Source: Getty Images/chameleonseye/Representative
Image Source: Getty Images/chameleonseye/Representative

Menstrual hygiene and education is still inadequate and leaves behind young boys who remain ignorant about it for most of their life later. When it comes to educators, one would expect more from them. With a responsibility to educate a whole new generation of children, one would assume they would be more sensitive and receptive to the reality, teen girls have to go through. This year, online classes have not made matters any better with new sets of rules that need to be followed. While it is required to maintain some semblance of order, it is not okay to take it too far. 

Source: Getty Images/MoMo Productions

A 16-year-old student shared a recent experience on Reddit about one of her online classes that is garnering a lot of attention. The teen made it clear that she respected the rules school had put in place. "I understand that online teaching is hard and you have to make sure everyone is attentive during classes," she wrote. The students were required to message their teacher privately and ask for permission to go to the restroom. In addition, they also have a weekly feedback system they can use to evaluate their classes and teachers. She then went on to explain the reason she had posted in the "Am I An A-hole" subreddit.

"On Thursday, I had a math class which was taught by 'Mr. T.' He's never really been very strict and had always seemed quite reserved and quiet. Of course, I've never been in a lesson with him outside of online school so I can't really judge," the student wrote. "During the class, I realized I had started my period. I privately messaged Mr. T asking if I could use the restroom. I waited for 10 minutes but he didn't reply so I messaged him again, still no reply. By now I was getting extremely uncomfortable so I texted him for the third time explaining I had started my period and I really had to go."

Source: Reddit

Mr. T finally replied to the girl but it was not the understanding and gracious response one would expect. He replied, "You should have planned better. Learn to control yourself." The most basic thing Mr. T should know is that periods cannot be regulated like water from a tap. When the teen tried to explain the same, he didn't respond. So she did what she had to. She turned off her camera and went to the restroom. "Once I came back, I saw that he had kicked me out of the meeting. I later found out he had written me for switching off my camera and I was given a warning. I was pissed," she explained. 

When it was time for the weekly evaluation of classes, she complained about her experience in Mr. T's class. The following week she found out, through her mother, who is also a teacher that Mr. T was being investigated. Turns out there were already been multiple complaints about his behavior and this was the last straw. "My dad, brother, and a few of my friends are calling me and an a***** as I could've just waited for a while instead of complaining and potentially making a man lose his job, especially during this time." She was made to feel guilty and did not want him to lose his job. 

Source: Reddit

The people of Reddit were able to reassure the girl that she was not in the wrong. One person wrote: NTA. First of all, this is highly unprofessional. Second, there were more complaints about him, he brought this on himself. If a student needs to use the restroom, they have to go. Have a rule like one bathroom break per lesson and recommend students to use the restroom in between classes. But he couldn't be bothered to be professional, that will get him fired.

Source: Reddit

Another user commented, NTA misogynists who don’t even know how menstruation work shouldn’t be in charge of teenagers or children. Also, there would have been more straws for him later on anyways, the last one would have just been someone else’s- and he may have done something far more harmful to them. Is it only men who are calling you an A? Maybe they also have no idea how menstruation works. Ask your Dad if he would have preferred you be forced to bleed all over his floor, or that other children be forced to bleed on their chairs and floor because of this man.