'Can’t wait for the divorce song': Taylor Swift trolled for secret engagement to Joe Alwyn

'Can’t wait for the divorce song': Taylor Swift trolled for secret engagement to Joe Alwyn
Taylor Swift, 32, and her British actor boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, 31 have reportedly been engaged secretly (Photo by Jackson Lee/Getty Images)

Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, 32, and her British actor boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, 31, secretly got engaged a few months ago and shared the happy news with only their “inner-inner circle", as reported by The Sun. The couple, who has not made much social appearance together and have only been pictured on the red carpet a handful of times, have kept the engagement news hidden from some members of their team. Back in February, Life & Style was the first outlet to report Swift and Alwyn were engaged.

A source close to Alwyn, told The Sun on Thursday, June 30, that “Taylor and Joe are incredibly happy and very, very in love. They’ve actually been engaged for a few months but have only told their inner-inner circle — basically immediate family, and trusted, very old friends. Everyone has been sworn to secrecy, too". "Taylor has a beautiful ring but she only a handful of people know details about the wedding and Taylor hasn’t even told some of her team about the engagement."


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“They want their love to stay away from the cameras as much as possible. This is just for them. And if and when they do exchange vows, there most definitely won’t be any Vogue, Rolling Stone or Hello! magazines there. It will be simple and elegant — like them.”

While the news of Swift's engagement might be exciting for her fans, there are many who have been mocking her online given that this is not the first time that news about her engagement has come out. The 'Love Story' singer had been in relationships with many prominent songwriters and singers including Harry Styles, Connor Kennedy, Jake Gyllenhaal, Tom Hiddleston, and Calvin Harris. She is often trolled for her breakups as well.

Shortly after Swift's engagement news broke out, Twitter users started trolling Swift. "now break it off and release an entire album about it. 🤣😂", a user wrote.


"Poor guys gonna have a whole album sung about him when this goes south", another wrote.


One user wrote, "I can’t wait for the divorce song."


"Running out of song ideas ...", another user wrote.


"Oh joy..they’ll spend a gazillion on a wedding and be divorced in 2 years.", a user wrote.


However, there were few who congratulated the couple. "CONGRATULATIONS TO THE HAPPY COUPLE Mrs Taylor SWIFT Alwyn AND Mr JOE Alwyn ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT i am so happy and excited for you both love Jennifer wisdom love Jennifer wisdom of Philadelphia Pennsylvania", a user wrote. 


"Fantastic Congratulations to Taylor Swift. @taylorswift13 Queen of #spotify ", another wrote. 


The couple has been dating for over 5 years now. There is no information on their wedding yet. 

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