Taylor Swift has DROPPED the acoustic version of 'Anti-Hero' on YouTube

Taylor Swift has DROPPED the acoustic version of 'Anti-Hero' on YouTube
Taylor Swift (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Taylor Swift may be like, "It's me, hi! I'm the problem, it's me," but 'Anti-Hero', was the first music video from 'Midnights' to be released and the first song to be promoted to radio, collects 58.6 million radio airplay audience impressions in the November, 11-17 tracking week, for an increase of 14% over the last week. Taylor Swift's each album is like a 'Wrecking ball' for other artists as her fans would make sure to keep their favorite artist ruling the Billboard list at least for weeks if not months.

However, it’s been three weeks since Swift became the first artist in history to command all 10 of the top spots on the Hot 100 in a single week and now Swift is coming out with the acoustic version of 'Anti-Hero'. 'Anti-Hero' received widespread praise from music critics. Regardless, she came out with a new one and has released it on Youtube as well. It seems like Ms Swift takes her promises seriously as at the stage of AMAs Swift was seen committing she'd even work harder. Although we are not sure if Swifties are 'Ready for it' or not. 


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The 32-year-old pop superstar took to her Twitter page recently to announce the new single and shared a photo of herself with longtime collaborator Jack Antonoff, who produced much of her latest album 'Midnights.' "Anti-Hero but make it acoustic," she wrote in the caption, before adding, "Now at store.taylorswift.com." In the photo, Swift can be seen standing next to a piano as she reaches toward the camera with a drink in hand. However, it was not available on any other platform rather than Apple music up until now.


The 'Anti-Hero' acoustic version was dropped a few hours before on Swift's Vevo Channel on Youtube so all of the Swifties can listen to it.


Regardless, the music video for the OG 'Anti-Hero', written and directed by Swift, premiered via her Vevo channel on YouTube almost eight hours after the album dropped. The song was inspired by Swift's nightmares, and her issues with depersonalization and self-hatred, critiquing her shortcomings and societal pressures. The lyrics discuss self-loathing, depression, and anxiety. Furthermore, it depicts Swift's fears, insecurities, and eating disorders, using three different incarnations of her. The video also reenacts one of her nightmares about her legacy and last will.

Remember we told you about the loyal fans of Swift? 'Anti-Hero' literally broke the global and US records for the biggest opening-day streams for a song in Spotify history. The music video for 'Anti-Hero' received generally positive reviews from critics. However, a brief scene in the video alluding to Swift's struggles with eating disorder received mixed reactions from some social media users, who accused Swift of fatphobia. The scene depicts a depressed Swift stepping on a bathroom scale, which reads "fat," making the other, happier Swift shakes her head in disapproval. Nevertheless, the video was later edited to remove the specific shot of the scale. 

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