Taylor Swift’s 10 most iconic moments at the American Music Awards

After her first appearance at the AMAs in 2007, Taylor Swift has gone on to win 19 AMAs and is the current record holder for the most wins for Artist of the Year

                            Taylor Swift’s 10 most iconic moments at the American Music Awards

Taylor Swift is not only loved by the world, she is loved by the American Music Awards as well. With her first appearance at the awards in 2007, she has gone on to win 19 AMA's and is the current record holder for the most wins for Artist of the Year. This year, Swift is opening the show with what one can only assume will be a standout performance which is going to be her first awards show performance in three years. 

Let’s take a look back at how one of the most powerful and beloved performers of our generation has evolved over the years at the AMAs.

1. Swift's First Performance at the AMAs - 2008


In 2007, at Swift’s first AMAs, she was just a presenter and was relatively unknown to the general public. However, in 2008, after her second album Fearless, the world became aware of what a superstar she truly was. Performing one of the hits off of the album 'White Horse', those that loved her already loved her even more and those that didn’t know who she was sure did now. 

2.  Swift Wins Her First AMA - 2008


The 2008 AMAs was also the year that Swift accepted her first AMA for Country Female Artist of the Year. With her mom by her side, Swift was floored when receiving the award, as you can see in the video. Swift is still as authentic as she was then, however, her reaction to this award was absolutely priceless.

3.  Swift Wins Her First Artist of the Year Award - 2009


Just one year later, in 2009, Swift’s stardom was on the rise and she was already a household name. Even though she couldn’t attend the awards that year as she was on tour in London, it was one of the biggest nights for her as she took home five awards including Best Artist of the Year. Swift’s jaw was agape and she was literally speechless as Ryan Seacrest presented her with her fifth and most important award of the evening, a category which Michael Jackson was also nominated for in 2009, who had died earlier that year.

4.  Swift Wins Country Female Artist of the Year - 2010


In 2010, Swift took home three more AMAs, one of which was Best Country Artist of the Year. Swift had won her first AMA just two years prior and now she had seven, a feat that not many artists (if any) had every accomplished. Again, with her mother by her side, Swift gave a gracious speech thanking her fans.

5.  'Back To December' Performance - 2011


In 2011, Swift gave an epic performance from one of the hits off of the Speechless album, 'Back To December'. A simple yet intricate performance, Swift played the piano as she sang the heartbreaking song about an old love. The set was beautiful and iconic, as Swift literally came floating onto the stage while playing the piano. 

6.  Swift Wins Artist of the Year... Again - 2011


In 2011, Swift beat Lady Gaga, Adele and Kate Perry for another win under the category Best Artist of the Year. Her second win for Best Artist of the Year and tenth AMA seemed to be a complete shock to Swift somehow, who was as humble as she was elated. What was even more legendary about this win (and this clip) is, after winning, she hugged her now nemesis Katy Perry before she walked up to the stage to accept the award.

7.  'I Knew You Were Trouble' Performance - 2012


In 2012, Swift had an even more epic performance at the AMAs with 'I Knew You Were Trouble', a hit off of her fourth album RED. This was Taylor’s first real pop song with very little hints of country in it, a trend that she would keep going until today. This is when we finally got a taste of the scorned and glamorous Taylor which of course the world loved and still does. 

8.  Swift Wins Best Country Album of the Year - 2013


In 2013, Swift won her twelfth AMA for Best Country Album Of the Year, which was her third win in that category. Beating Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line, Swift accepted the award with grace and again attributed the win and her success to her fans. She commended those that went out and bought the album which, at the time, was a huge topic of debate as she was refusing to put her music on any streaming platform.

9.  Dianna Ross Presents Swift With the AMA Award of Excellence - 2014


In 2014, Swift received the biggest honor of them all with the AMA Award of Excellence, presented to her by none other than music legend Dianna Ross. Swift’s fifth album 1989 had the largest opening week in music since 2002. This made Swift the first person to have three albums sell one million copies in just it’s first week. With best friends Selena Gomez and Karlie Kloss by her side, Swift accepted the award and talked about being a woman in a mans world and again attributed her success to her amazing fans.

10.  'Blank Space' Performance - 2014

2014 was Swift’s last performance at the AMAs, almost replicating one of her most epic music videos 'Blank Space' from the 1989 album. While the performance was very much in the same vein of the legendary music video, there were a lot of fun additions, including new choreography and a slew of gorgeous men. Swift was at the top of her game and fans couldn’t get enough of her catchy tunes and massive girl power. 

Will Swift live up to these moments this year? 

If you know Swift, you know that she is anything but disappointing. Tune into the AMAs on Tuesday October 9 at 5pm on ABC to welcome Swift back to the AMA stage with a performance of 'I Did Something Bad' from her multi-platinum album Bad Reputation.

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