Are Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn getting married? Private couple time on Cornwall trip

Taylor Swift and beau Joe Alwyn were seen jetting off to Cornwall for a three-day vacay and rumors suggest they might be tying the knot soon

                            Are Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn getting married? Private couple time on Cornwall trip
Taylor Swift (L) and beau Joe Alwyn (R) have flown off to Cornwall to enjoy a small three-day special vacay (Jackson Lee/GC Images/Getty Images)

Taylor Swift, 32, and boyfriend Joe Alwyn, 30, were recently seen taking a break and flying off to Cornwall to enjoy a small three-day vacay, and fans are all excited because there is speculation that they may be getting married there. The couple, dating for four years now since 2017, could be about to put a ring on it and fans are gushing over that prospect of seeing Taylor happily hitched.

The couple flew over 4000 miles from Nashville to Cornwall for the short three-day trip, which inside sources insist was very special and romantic getaway for the duo. An insider told an online news outlet, "Taylor's a superstar and obviously very wealthy, so she can travel almost anywhere she wants at any time. But to go that far just for a few days clearly meant a lot to them."


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Fans suspect that things are getting serious between the two, which is why the sudden romantic trip was planned. Some fans are even suggesting that this trip might be a celebration for something that is still a secret between the two of them. "Taylor is keeping her cards close to her chest, but they're certainly very happy and enjoying their time together," said the insider, adding that the couple has lived together throughout lockdown which has made things all the more serious between them.

The details of the trip are not known as the couple seems to have taken measures to avoid the public eye and attention and keep to themselves. The couple rented a house for their stay there instead of booking a hotel to get as much privacy as they could. Sources also confirmed that the couple flew off to Maine after completing their UK vacay. The pair have spent time shuttling between the US and London quite often in the past few years. They stay at a £7million pad in Primrose Hill and sometimes in Taylor's 'main house' in Nashville. 

More details about the couple's relationship are not known as they have mostly kept it private throughout the time that they have been dating. But this did not stop fans from speculating on their wedding and engagement multiple times. Fans have high hopes and are hoping eagerly that they are right this time.

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